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Best hardcore RPG

d965457z | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

i've finished this game one years ago on Xbox 360. I got to experience only part of the new content, but what I did see left me confident that fans will be pleased, if not exactly blown away. The Royal Wood that lies between the Oolacile Sanctuary and the battle with Artorias too closely resembles the main game's Darkroot Forest area, but its dozens of foes nevertheless provides a delectable challenge. And its fields of orange and yellow poppy flowers and warm-hued, dusky aesthetic differentiate it sufficiently enough from existing areas. In true Dark Souls fashion, falling to Artorias will necessitate repeated traversals of the Wood, as the nearest bonfire is a lengthy trek away. But the unfamiliar enemies that I fought, despite superficial resemblances to existing ones, pack a wallop with new and unpredictable attacks, making the journey challenging, at least. Even From Software's now-overused trope of scripting fierce dragons to make surprise landings on bridges just as you attempt to cross them hasn't lost most of its impact. And new NPCs, like a giant, depressed, blind blacksmith (no doubt distant kin to his main-game counterpart in Anor Londo) situated behind a locked door in the Township area, possess the cryptic and introverted air that makes Lordran's denizens so intriguing.