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This Devil can make you Cry

da_killa_ | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of DmC Devil May Cry Overflow (1) - PC

DmC shows the reboot of the classical Devil May Cry series which first originated on the PS1. You play as the classical hero Dante and who carries some of the traits he was known for in the previous installments. The character of Dante depicts that of a "cool" guy rather the 'smart' Dante. The shift in character shows that this is not the old Dante, but a new one which is reborn. New characters are introduced and some are brought back such as Mundus and obviously Dante's twin brother Vergil. The plot of the story feels different to the classical DMC but nevertheless this does not disappoint you. The core mechanics of the game have changed into the true 'hack and slash' where you point your attacks where you please rather than relying on a Lock-on system employed in the older series. You still use the simple shoot, attack, special attack and jump buttons like normal though with the lack of a lock-on system combos are utilised differently. Instead of flicking your joysticks/keyboard buttons while holding the lock on, you now just input your button commands while changing it up between both your angelic and demonic weapons. This sort of gameplay felt smooth and transitions between attacks could be changed and utilised to create stronger and better combos. At times throughout my missions, I felt the need of a lock-on was preferred. Evade is much simpler to implement now as it is just a simple button as compared to DMC4, or Dante's Trickster style in previous DMC games. The visuals of the game looked sub par, though that may have been the desired effect of the game as it looked more like it was meant to be a cartoon rather than focusing on realism. My pure instinct tells me that DMC4 had better visuals and better looks than DmC. Despite the game lacking in that field, I felt that some of the gameplay felt good and the compatability of a game controller further enhanced my experience in DmC. Overall, this was a solid game which I had enjoyed and pretty sure that many would so too if not for the lack of support from their original fanbase.