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A great looking game.

daforgo10few | Dec. 5, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

Well Battlefield 4 is out. and once again i paid 50 bucks for it. and once again it is unfinished in the backend. to this day i still rubberband, lag and stutter. If you can get past that, its an awesome game. plenty of hours in the singleplayer that, like many reviewers on here, is lackluster compared to COD. The multiplayer though really starts going back to BF2 days with the commander mode and built in VOIP, 2 things that should have never been taken away from the franchise in the first place. Graphics are again great and DICE has once again raised the bar for what we expect from an FPS game graphics wise. Levelution has also altered the battlefield by letting player use the surroundings to level the playing field. your range of options for gun attachments have doubled, allowing more flexibility for your favorite weapon during battle. But, like its predecessor, Battlefield 4 fails again in terms of a smooth launch. Server lag, rubberbanding, shots not registering, and sometimes not being able to play the game have once again given games another reason to be furious at EA, who by this point should know how to properly release a multiplayer game. but they don't and that is why COD sadly shines. Activision realizes that investing heavily in backend infrastructure and making sure everything runs smoothly is really important to your image. EA on the other hand sees a beta go rough(some players in BF4 beta could not play it due to the same issues we have at launch) and says "Eh good enough". I Personally would have waited till next year to buy this if it meant not having to deal with all these issues. DICE/EA need to learn this lesson quick or start to lose their core player base who are getting increasingly frustrated that all they got for their money was a game that looked pretty. If EA/DICE did not have these problems, your score would be perfect 100.