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An interesting game.

dannyboilove | May 5, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

So I am going to start out saying that I love both Bioshock and Bioshock 2, so naturally I also fell in love with the idea of Bioshock infinite. The game as a whole is an amazing feat, and I was surprised by how intricate the story line was. Definitely a welcomed change from the very simple story endings, I like an ending that keeps you thinking about the game, days after you have finished playing it. As for the gameplay it mirrors the previous bioshock games, but while making great advances in the fighting system. The use of skylines and powers combined with in game elements makes for a more diverse way to fight, but don't get too excited. The skylines are only in a small part of the map and are often in a loop. In a way, I am disappointed at the limited use of skylines. But it is a good use of the open space compared to the cramped corridors of Rapture. Also vigors, and gear being exactly what Plasmids and tonics were in rapture, the similarities are infinite, and so are the differences. The characters in the game tend to also mirror the Bioshock characters, but don't expect them to be exactly the same. All that it means is that you can put two characters together and find many similarities, but the storyline and their ideals and goals lead them through different paths, but leaving them with the same result. Searching for a utopia away from the masses only to have it crumble because your ideals become too heavy for the city to bare. So the environment changes as you progress through the game. From a beautiful utopia to a slowly crumbling sky city, which is nice since we see the once glorious Columbia slowly become what rapture was when we originally got there. Something I wish we could of witnessed in the first Bioshock game. The good thing is that someone who has never played the previous games can just jump right into this game, as was the case with Bioshock 2. The games don't necessarily coincide with the games before it, so if you just want to pick up this game you can. But you will appreciate the subtle and not so subtle references to the storyline in rapture. So I recommend playing the previous games, but it is not necessary to understand the storyline in Bioshock Infinite. The pros: A different game in this vast sea of modern games, good fights, excellent characters, a good fighting system, similar to the previous games but still different enough to give you a fresh new look on an old favorite, and a storyline that keeps you guessing, and an ending that will keep you thinking about the game days after you finished playing it. The cons: There are some things in the game that while may serve a purpose, cuts into the character development of other characters (in my opinion), the skylines were a bit of a disappointment (to me), The inability to carry health and salt (eve), the middle of the game is somewhat a drag and makes you think when will this end, and if you aren't paying attention to almost every audio file then you might get lost in the ending or towards the ending. In the end this is a great game, there is no such thing as a perfect game in my eyes. We all see the world differently and as such we will see the qualities of the game differently. But the game as a whole is an amazing game as I previously stated. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves a good FPS with a good story line, the middle may be a drag (again to me) if you though it out you will be rewarded.