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So you've got a lot of time to spend..

danonpc | Aug. 16, 2013 | Review of Complete GTA Bundle - PC

The amount of voice acting in this game is insane. I would buy if you like crashing cars and music, because these games will get you interested in songs back from the 70s 80s etc Prefer Vice City and San Andreas if I had to chose.


Play with friends

danonpc | Aug. 16, 2013 | Review of Magicka - PC

Magicka was one of my favourite games in 2011 as it was a very charismatic title. You play as wizards on a journey across fantasy "dungeon" style maps, lots of hidden secrets and spells to find while questing. The game is really only worth playing with friends, so I recommend buying a 4 pack. A great Swedish game that allows you to kill your friends and pretty lengthy for the money.


Still a great modern shooter to this date

danonpc | Aug. 16, 2013 | Review of Battlefield Bad Company 2 - PC

Bad company 2 is one of the most satisfying millitary shooter to date, compared to battlefield 3, this is an upgrade. Free updates were pushed to make this game work for all systems, and map updates were frequent. If you want a game with high fidelity gun sounds, and a destruction engine that works then you'll want this over BF3. There is a short enough treadmill and decent class choices in the game, with a better selection of weapons than it's succesor. This has 2 forms of DRM, Steam and in game login, both do not require you to use a browser to play multiplayer or singleplayer (add-ons). Teamwork is necessary, as well as using vehicles properly, because unlike BF3, vehicles require another person to repair your tank or helicopter. This may involve you landing instead of using auto repair (or having perks for quicker auto repair) which are technically not at all well thought out choices. This game is 3 years old and still has an active community and servers are maintained because they don't require you to pay EA to rent one. The next Battlefield game is £54.99, this is usually around £5.