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Classic is Back

danteveli | Oct. 30, 2013 | Review of Rise of the Triad GAME - PC

Original Rise of the Triad is one of coolest but at the same time most overlooked FPP games ever. Thankfully its coming back in this pretty faithful remake. This is old school fun in the Wolfenstein 3D/ Doom style but on drugs. Really cool powers like GoD mode or DoG mode. Gibs flying everywhere while you kill mass amounts of nazis while looking for hundreds of secrets. I really enjoy that throwback vibe I find lacking in most contemporary FPP shooters. With the modding tools it has the potential to offer pretty much infinite gameplay (anyone remembers Doom WADS?). I highly recommend this one.


This is it!

danteveli | Aug. 2, 2013 | Review of Wolfenstein 3D - PC

Wolfenstein 3D is a cornerstone for PC gaming. The title that created one of most popular genres is here. We play as BJ Blazkowicz - Allied soldier that wanders through Nazi bases with mission to stop incarnation of evil himself. From todays standpoint the game is pretty easy. We practically just run and gun collecting treasures and finding secrets. Still the gameplay is highly addictive and game has some iconic moments like the fight with Hans or Hitler. From graphical standpoint it may look really bad and poor with blue walls and doors and everything we are seeing from perspective of someone with really bad sight but no correction glasses. To be honest it doesn't matter with this title. Anyone should pay it, especially for that price.


Milestone in games

danteveli | Aug. 2, 2013 | Review of DOOM Classic Complete - PC

Buzz of the chainsaw while you run through hellish monster that is what Doom is all about. And you will love it especially if you have memories connected to it (like first owned PC). Wolfenstein is revolution in game world and doom is evolution everything more and better. Story is really not important in this title you just go and kill everything on the way getting deeper and deeper in levels to kill cyber demon and other creatures including possessed soldiers. Sound and graphic are not good right now and younger players may vomit seeing pixeled sprite that is scary and dangerous demon with sounds that may be just funny but way back that was the THING. What is important for fpp -guns and here we have quite enough from pistol to famous chainsaw or just fist. Anyone remembers BFG? Only thing i can write is that you have to play Doom to see how genre has changed (freelook and mouse plus better graphics they are greatest changes since 1993 -wow). Also whats worth to mention the doom scene is quite big and you can play games like half life or quake on doom engine plus there are hundred mods with new sounds enemies and weapons even whole new games based on engine. Its one of them must play titles. If you haven't that means you are not much of a gamer.



danteveli | Nov. 28, 2012 | Review of Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection (1) - PC

Three epic 2d fighting games on PC. Mortal Kombat at it best before it went 3d. This is collection of first 3 games in the series with 3rd one in the Ultimate edition. Its probably all you need for hours and hours of fun wit many characters. All your favorite brutalities, fatalities are there. Also some babality and even friendship. This is the complete package for fans. Only thing you can have against it is that its a bit bare bones. Some additional features would be cool. Still for that price its a must have.



danteveli | Nov. 26, 2012 | Review of Demigod - PC

Demigod is one of the MOBA type games (think about DOTA, League of Legends and all that stuff) so you shoud know what to expect by now. Game differ from the rest with it's stylization and looks. No more cartoony stuff but more gray in color palette. It looks interesting with that scheme. Game also has more RTS elements then the rest with the strategic objectives and special points on the map giving you bonuses. I'm not a big fan of this sub genre of games but Demigod was ok and I enjoyed it a bit more than games like LOL.


Finally on PC

danteveli | Nov. 24, 2012 | Review of Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken - PC

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is interesting title that was released on PS3 some time ago. it is a side scrolling platforming action game based on browser title Rocketbirds. It tells the story of penguins bloody regime and one hardboiled chicken trying to stop it. Game has crazy characters with funny story and really good presentation. Graphics looks really nice with that cartoony style to the characters Its really cool tilte for people wanting some side-scrolling without that difficult stuff that is popular ever since Super Meat Boy was released. This one is nice and easy. Worth checking out.


Worms are always welcomed

danteveli | Oct. 10, 2012 | Review of Worms Revolution - PC

We have around 20 or more games with worms since start of the series. there were 2D & 3D titles, logic games, puzzle stuff and even golf. Still the basic game upgraded to perfection with Armageddon rocks. This is why with Revolution Team 17 decided for only small evolution. We get the same game we love with some minor addition. biggest change is really good graphics mixing 2d gameplay with 3d backgrounds. this makes the game look more like 2012 production. Other addition is the possibility of class based gameplay. this adds more tactics to game with different worms with different equipment. Its ok idea but we can still play the old way. Multiplayer is still present and if you have someone to play with you should get this ASAP.


More blood

danteveli | Oct. 9, 2012 | Review of Blood Bowl Chaos Edition - PC

Blood Bowl Chaos Edition is another upgraded version of beloved tabletop game released on pc. Its mix of strategy and sports in Warhammer universe. This time we get 3 new races making the rooster even crazier with over 20 to choose from. Game can be played in more tactical turn mode or like rts. But what is Blood bowl? Its brutalized version of American football. To be honest game got a bit old and its now 3 or 4 version of the same title with minor improvements. this makes it a title mostly addressed for fans or people who want to check out Blood Bowl but don't own previous versions.


DLC massacre

danteveli | Oct. 5, 2012 | Review of Darksiders II Arguls Tomb DLC - PC

I'm not big fan of Downloadable Content added to games. darksiders 2 assaulted us with a lot of preorder and bonus stuff. This piece is the best one game has to offer. Its quite big bonus dungeon with its own storyline. I liked the looks of it and the monsters/ bosses that are in it. The problem I have with its its that its a bit too small for the price tag. Also it doesn't add anything new or exciting to the game. Its same old stuff you will do for 30 hours in the base game. This is why its recommended only for people who did 100% of Darksiders II but still hunger for more.


Agent 47

danteveli | Oct. 5, 2012 | Review of Hitman Codename 47 - PC

Hitman was just epic move at the time. It blended stealth gameplay with much more options. The game was no longer about hiding from enemy. Now we could eliminate them in many ways that required tactics and ideas. Taking down enemies one after another and then dressing as them to move through checkpoint. To perform perfect undetectable assassination. We could also try run and gun approach but it wasn't easy like most of shooters. Sure the game didn't age to well with graphics and a bit awkward controls. On other hand the story is really interesting and some missions are climatic. For that price its worth checking out before going to more modern parts. Oh and I have to praise the really good music in this one.


I just dont get this game

danteveli | Oct. 4, 2012 | Review of NecroVisioN Lost Company - PC

The idea behind World War zombie shooter is somewhat appealing to me. The horror you can create is just epic. Sadly not this time. Lost Company is much like Painkiller - run and gun type of games. It tries to appeal to old school gamers raised on Doom and that type of gameplay. i don't think it does it really well. Gameplay quality is sub par compared to the games that inspired it. Graphics is not really good and it can get boring. On the other hand price tag of 2$ makes it now more acceptable and raises the paid amount versus title value bar way higher. For me its still not really good game that can get cult following based on what it is.


Greatest thriller

danteveli | Sept. 28, 2012 | Review of Condemned Criminal Origins - PC

Condemned is a title straight from minds of the F.E.A.R. creators. In my opinion its the best game they have ever made. We get into the skin of an FBI agent framed for murder. He is on the Serial Killer X case and wants to bring the bad guy to justice. This will make on hell of a trip for him. Game is and FPP title with brawling using elements from environment like desks and bricks. there is also some forensics to be done with finding blood splatter and stuff like that. Condemned is super creepy with great horror atmosphere. Final level in abandoned house is just a masterpiece. Whats most important, the story is really interesting and the fighting is done well. It may suffer a bit from the age since its over 5 years old but it shouldn't stop you from trying it out.


Classic but didn't age well

danteveli | Sept. 23, 2012 | Review of Jet Set Radio - PC

Jet Set Radio is representative of that crazy time of arcade games on Dreamcast when Sega was still powerful and innovative. Rollerskating and graffiti are 2 main components of the game. We are in sad totalistic future Tokyo controlled by evil government and 2 mentioned elements are best way of opposition. On every level there are spots we have to tag and cans of paint to grab. We are limited by time, plus there are other spots to leave of mark. We move on roller-skates and can do simple tricks but its nowhere near Tony Hawk Pro Skater level. Gameplay is interesting but as with many arcade type titles it can get boring really fast. Graphic still looks good thanks to that comic book like style that aged quite well. Music is still fresh. Overall its cool port of Dreamcast game that just doesn't quite work in this age. Controls are not up to standards and there is not really much to do and everything is really repetitive. Still the nostalgia makes it worthy purchase with that price.


Interesting idea...

danteveli | Sept. 23, 2012 | Review of Raven Squad Operation Hidden Dagger - PC

Sometimes when I play games I get super bored, because we have practically seen it all by now. When a title shows up and manges to amuse me I have to write about it. It doesn't have to be really good just a bit innovative or developer has taken path off the beaten road. Raven Squad is title like that. Its a mix of RTS with FPS. Action is set in a jungle and you command a squad of commandos with different equipment and abilities. You can switch between tactical view from the sky and first person view action. I liked that idea and mixing gameplay with different styles. Sadly execution is far from stella. both parts of the game are a bit sub-par to the standards. Also controls are a bit awkward and it doesn't feel cool to shoot and blow stuff up. So thats a big minus for me. Plus the AI is really on low level and that makes the game more of frustrating than challenging. Sadly this is another unpolished product that had the idea right but is far from being really good.


Worth checking out for the story

danteveli | Sept. 12, 2012 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

There are not that many games I change my opinion about 2 hours in. There are not many games I'm hating at the beginning that I finish more than once. Spec Ops the Line is one of them. The game managed something thats almost impossible nowadays. It sucked me in with its story and paranoid atmosphere. At first glance its just another shooter but motivation and story as we progress gets us to that other deeper layer. I don't want to spoil much but fans of Apocalypse Now/ Heart of Darkness will find some similar vibes. The game also has multiplayer but its same old stuff done million times in other production. Story is the best part of the title and its worth checking up. Its sad that rest of the title doesn't measure up to that part. With better gameplay it could be wonderful experience. Now its just ok.



danteveli | Sept. 12, 2012 | Review of Defenders of Ardania The Conjurors Tricks DLC - PC

I'm not a big fan of DLC. I don't like the idea of small additional contend and I'm all up for expansions. I hate when they sell us costumes, cheats or something really small that should be in a patch as a DLC. I also haven't really enjoyed the Defenders of Ardania. So it shouldn't be a surprise that I hate The Conjuror's Tricks DLC. I could understand the additional race added before but now its too small addition to the gameplay. Its only for fans that want to experience more of the game or add some more gameplay to the game they really like. Other people should not waste 3$ on this stuff.


Totally different

danteveli | Aug. 18, 2012 | Review of Red Faction Armageddon - PC

Red Faction started as an FPP title with impressive environment destruction. Then it transformed to sandbox with destruction of stuff all around you. With Armageddon we go underground on linear tpp action game with some interesting physics manipulation. The shift is the biggest problem of this product. Game is not as impressive as previous parts that had many things going for them. This one is a bit to generic for its own good. Red Faction Armageddon has interesting story where we learn why people decided to live underground on Mars and whats going on with aliens an how mining revolution turned out into mess. It has it moments but sometimes fail to deliver. Graphics are pretty ok but without open world its a bit blend and unimpressive. Shooting is cool and action sequences are thing I liked. I thing the biggest problem here is the burden of title that got us to expect much more from this one.


Not much F.E.A.R.

danteveli | July 19, 2012 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

First FEAR game was loved by gamers for its atmosphere. Second one was ok and could stand on its own. This one is hated for the lack of scary elements and so-so story. We receive satisfying shooter with great fun in co-op and some interesting multiplayer modes. FEAR 3 suffers from greatness of its predecessors and having title beloved by many gamers. This is why I'm going to rather speak about MP for a while. Most interesting mode is the one where one of players is some kind of demon ghosts that has to turn other members players into monsters. We can use random spawning enemies to our advantage. Also there is mode where in co-op you have to run and gun enemies while deadly mist chases you constantly. This is why I liked this game. Multi is not your typical stuff and its really enjoyable. With great price on GMG its interesting products with some flaws.



danteveli | July 15, 2012 | Review of Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War II Retribution - PC

Dawn of War II have received 2 expansion that are stand alone. Both of them use the same system but have changes that modify it a bit. At its core Retribution in squad based RTS with RPG elements sprinkled on top. This time we go into a bit bigger picture since we can summon units and select them instead of heroes for missions. this can change the game drastically since we lose some powerful abilities. On the other hand we receive more troops. This time we have couple campaigns instead of just one. This allows us to see action from different side perspective. We also receive Last Stand mode that is survival battle against endless waves of enemies. Multiplayer based on that capture the point style of game is still present. Everyone that played previous installments and liked them will be happy. New players may have problems with getting into the story.


Gears of War clone that can hold on its own

danteveli | July 13, 2012 | Review of Warhammer 40000 Space Marine - PC

Warhammer 40K is a great universe and most games released in past 10 years showed high level of quality. Space Marine is a new step for computer games since its 3rd person action title. Some say its clone of Gears of War but thats not completely true. Since we are Ultramarine we don't have to use cover and can just storm and destroy all enemies without worry. Originally this was single player only game but multiplayer modes were added post release and that made game better. It has its own style that may not be fitting for everyone or some can get bored after too much orc killing. Graphics is ok with nicely detailed enemies and some brutal actions that look really cool. It is not great game but good title that has its own style and cant be written up just as GoW clone. Lets hope next attempt in tpp will be a little bit better with more stuff to do and kill with.


Welcome to Feudal Japan

danteveli | July 13, 2012 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

Total War is exceptional series of strategy games and Shogun 2 makes it even greater with on-line competitive modes. In the game we select feudal lord from one of many families with different units and special abilities. Our goal is simple reunite land lead by many warlords. We do this by diplomacy and fights. Every game can take many hours to complete and can turn out a bit different. Also we have option to create our Avatar and take him to on-line battles with new levels items and bragging rights while we conquer our friends and foes. Only thing that can be bother is the size of the game closing to 20GB and loading times that can be bothersome. first time I have run the game it took couple minutes to load. Still this is small price to pay for this offering.


This is why I still own PC

danteveli | July 13, 2012 | Review of Company of Heroes (1) - PC

Relic is a studio that can do great RTS games Company of heroes is great example of that. On first look this is just another World War 2 strategy game. But its not like that. We get something else with squad based structure of the game. No longer we have to waste time with boring resources gathering and building base. This is true to gritty realities of war where we have to storm enemy encampments with what we have and truly plan our moves. no more unit spamming to win. Graphics is superb for a strategy game. We can zoom in and see details on our soldiers and explosions leave craters so destruction looks amazing. This is best strategy game set in realistic setting. Innovative and satisfying.


Worms are back in the town

danteveli | July 6, 2012 | Review of Worms Reloaded - PC

Everyone loves worms. At least the ones in the game. Worms is simple but highly addictive competitive strategy games. You land on map with bunch of your worms and the ones that are your enemies. You have huge amount of weapons and many pickups. Mission is quite simple - destroy enemy and be the last one standing. Power of this title comes from exceptional multi-player experience. Every session with friends with take many hours and it will be great fun. Replayability here is enormous and you will spend months playing Worms Reloaded. Graphics are basic but fun. The same applies to sound of tiny worms saying funny thing. This beloved title is as addictive today as it was in previous Worms Games


If Zelda and bucket of blood had a baby

danteveli | June 25, 2012 | Review of Darksiders (1) - PC

Drksiders is one of best New IP served to us in last couple years. Its action adventure game "ripping off" many great titles (we even get something like portal gun!) but doing it with style. We are War one of 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse brought down to Earth to finish it all off. Something goes wrong and we wake a bit earlier than our brothers in post-apocalyptic world where angels have different plan. Gameplay is a bit similar to God of War with that Zelda Dungeons and many items and abilities like riding horse, flying. Its a lot of action but there is also place for riddles and platforming sequences. Stylistic of Darksiders reminds me of that from Warcraft 3 human forces. War is big blocky and caries huge sword. Darksiders is really interesting product worth buying and playing. Its refreshing game using many previously known ideas. The trick here is doing it the perfect way.


Wasted chance

danteveli | June 10, 2012 | Review of Nexuiz - PC

Everyone who remembers Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena misses that fast paced style of gameplay. Nexuiz is remedy for that. Arena game with really quick actions and vibe of mentioned titles. We have two sides of fighters and different characters plus many weapons and arenas. Exceptional graphics only makes it all way sweeter. Something had to go wrong because not that many people are playing it. Maybe its the free to play games or people like slower FPP titles but multiplayer here is empty. That kills all the potential Nexuiz has. If you want to play this one better look among your friends or Internet for companions.