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Borderlands, an MMO-like FPS

darkdenizen | Aug. 1, 2011 | Review of Borderlands - PC

This game is one of a kind. It first advertised as the baby of the FPS and RPG genres, but does it hold up? Like advertised, Borderlands takes some hints from RPGs by featuring a level up system, stats for guns, skill trees and scaling enemies. These numbers are far from superficial as a 2-3 level difference between you and your enemies really tips the tides. Unfortunately Borderlands does take one of the most important aspects from RPG's, story. Borderlands and story don't mix unless you're pointing out the lack thereof. If you're expecting any semblance of a story in fact then prepare to be sorely disappointed. However that does not make Borderlands a bad game as its core gameplay is immersive and enjoyable. The splitting factor is that some might find it boring as a single player experience to the point that they recommend it only played as multiplayer game. If you like MMO's or just looting in general then you will enjoy Borderlands as a single player experience like I have. Not to mention the copious amounts of DLC (that give you INSANE guns) this is a must have for any FPS fan willing to try something new.