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The Best Batman Game to Date

darkhorse441 | May 24, 2015 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year NA - PC

This game is simply fantastic. The game is much more immersed in Batman lore that Asylum, and the story is full of twists and turns guaranteed to shock the player. Rocksteady has taken Arkham Asylum's open world and increased it to the size of a portion of Gotham. Other improvements include an upgraded combat system, better gliding control, less overpowered detective mode, the ability to play as Catwoman and upgraded graphics. The game does a fantastic job of blending action and stealth gameplay while following a new, original Batman story set one year after Asylum. The stealth segments are challenging but rewarding, the action segments are tight and give you the feeling of really being Batman, the music and overall presentation is very atmospheric and the various gadgets and Riddler Trophies make exploration and revisiting areas both necessary and enjoyable. Also, since this is the GOTY edition, all challenge maps, skin packs and even a Story DLC are included with the game. The only problem with this game is that the story is a bit too over-the-top at times, takes some major liberties with the Batman canon (not going to spoil it), and at times feels like an excuse to meet villains, more so that the more linear story of Arkham Asylum


I'm Batman

darkhorse441 | Feb. 25, 2015 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

I had heard that the Arkham games were pretty good, but I had no idea how good until I picked up this gem during a sale. Arkham Asylum and the games that followed are the perfect example of how to make a superhero game: a good story coupled with well-designed characters and a great voice acting, everything the superhero would need in a comic (gadgets, fighting skills, powers...) and of course, well-built game. Everything in this game feels like being Batman: the free flow combat system which allows you to seamlessly change between enemies during a fight, the gadgets which help solve puzzles and reach new areas, the learning curve and increasing difficulty, the great concept of "detective mode" and of course the great, dark and well-designed open world of Arkham Asylum. My major complaint for this game would be that sometimes, the combats seem a little repetitive and can get boring without some of the gadgets used in later games. As well, the advantages of detective mode are so numerous, you end up spending most of the game like that and not being able to appreciate the great setting. However these problems are minor and should not stop you from appreciating this terrific game.


The First Great Innovation in Lego Games

darkhorse441 | Feb. 24, 2015 | Review of LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars MAC - PC

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars was a breakthrough for Lego games. Based on the first two seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the game utilizes an all-new game Engine that allows for more realistic movement, better physics for breaking objects, the ability to move items around with the Force and be able to control them, silver and gold objects that can only be destroyed by certain characters, hybrid vehicle/on foot levels, and dynamic split-screen for co-op. On top of these innovations, the game has three different campaigns for three leaders of the Separatists during the Clone Wars, each spawning from the Battle of Geonosis and ending in the attack of the Zillo Beast. The character selection is also quite large, with Clone Wars minifigs getting a makeover (removing their bug eyes from the sets), minikits unlocking minifigs from Episodes I-VI, and the ability to unlock characters by defeating them in the hub or freeing them from jail. The game of course has the same problems as most Lego games: repetitive gameplay, aggravating bonus stages, and the need to look online for tips. The game also suffers from an oversized hub world that seems to take forever to move around in. Despite these flaws, Lego Star Wars III is still a great game for fans of the TV show and of Star Wars alike.


Hasn't held up well

darkhorse441 | Feb. 23, 2015 | Review of Half Life - PC

I understand that at the time of its release, Half-Life was revolutionary in terms of its graphics, storytelling, and innovative design and presentation. Following in the footsteps of games like Star Wars: Dark Forces, it turned FPS from a run-and-gun game to a game with a story and a sense of adventure. And in that respect, we must always respect Half-Life. But... When played today by someone who was not old enough to be gaming when the game was released, it feels very dated. The graphics haven't held up the test of time as some other games from that era (Ocarina of Time, Medal of Honor) have. Also, the characters' speech is often garbled and hard to understand. The physics engine is also very clunky, especially when compared to later Valve games like Portal or Half-Life 2. Of course this is all seen from the perspective of someone used to newer games, so it is of course necessary to take a step back: The game itself is interesting as it not only reimagines FPS games, but also adds puzzles and environment interactivity. The story also creates its own lore, with memorable alien names and iconic moments, people and weapons. The enemy types are also varied and taking each one of them down is rewarding in its own way. The difficulty of the game is high, but not so high as to alienate less experienced players. However, many problems can be found in the game that are not due to the game's age. The character model is bizarre, and doesn't seem to have legs or normal arms. Also, ladder climbing becomes hilarious as the player climbs without use of his legs or arms. The controls are sometimes a bit clunky when trying to solve a puzzle, press buttons/levers, or crouch-jump. Also, the level design is fairly repetitive, consisting of long hallways that sometimes feature open spaces where you will either receive ammo or be attacked by a group of enemies. Finally, a major problem with the game is, though the storytelling and lore are both revolutionary and impeccable, the story itself is boring and almost non-existent. It has neither the sense of finality or accomplishment as Half-Life 2 or other modern games nor the humor of a game like Portal. It effectively consists of getting from point A to point B, killing anything in between, solving puzzles and hoping that something will happen. There is really no arc or clear idea of what is happening at any one time or what is to come. All in all, Half-Life is a revolutionary game that changed an industry and blew everyone's mind and should be played by everyone the same way every self-respecting gamer should play Super Mario Bros. It just has not survived the test of time well, and does have some flaws which can reduce the amount of pleasure during playtime. It also cannot be ignored for its sequel Half-Life 2 and (maybe) 3.


A Bit Pricey, but Still Good

darkhorse441 | Feb. 23, 2015 | Review of LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Season Pass - PC

The Lego Batman 3 Season Pass gives access to six of nine DLCs scheduled to be released between November 2014 and Spring 2015. The pack includes: -The Dark Knight Pack: Gives the player several extra characters and vehicles from Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy including the only playable versions of Scarecrow, Ra's Al Ghul and Commissioner Gordon in the game. The level included allows you to play first as The Joker then as Batman in the truck chase from The Dark Knight. It's pretty cool to see these characters in action, but I was disappointed that the Joker's purple suit (not nurse outfit) wasn't included. -Man of Steel Pack: Allows the player to play as several characters from the 2013 movie Man of Steel. The level included retells the beginning of the film and has you fighting Zod and his minions while trying to send Kal-El into space. The level isn't bad, but the characters are mostly identical in terms of abilities. -Batman 75th Anniversary Pack: This pack includes some of Batman's most iconic looks over the years. This includes his first appearance, Azrael, Gotham by Gaslight, and more. In the bonus level, the Joker and Harley Quinn are trying to crash Batman's 75th anniversary. This level is a bit boring and confusing, but the cool Batman costumes completely compensate for that. -Arrow Pack: Based on the popular CW TV show, this DLC pack, complete with voiceover by Stephen Amell, gives the player access to characters from the show, which can be very useful in free play or free roam. The level itself is hilarious, entertaining, and could easily have been an episode of the TV show. This is by far my favorite pack -Bizarro World Pack: Tying into the new Justice League vs Bizarro League movie, this pack showcases deformed versions of JLA members, along with Guy Gardner, Desaad, and Darkseid. The level is narrated by Bizarro and is pretty funny, but is short and overall not that great. -The Squad Pack: Adds characters and a level from the Suicide Squad. Not yet released. NOT INCLUDED: -Rainbow Batman Pack (Adds two characters-Free) -Superheroines and Villainesses Pack (Free-Not yet released) -Batman of the Future : One of my major problems with the season pass is that it does not include this pack, which, while it does not include a level, allows access to very useful free play characters from the Batman Beyond animated TV Show.


DC Comics Fans Rejoice

darkhorse441 | Feb. 23, 2015 | Review of LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham - PC

Very seldomly do DC Comics fans receive a game of this magnitude; it allows you to explore iconic DC Universe locations as well as all seven Lantern Worlds. This game almost triples the amount of playable characters from the last game, adds celebrity performances from Conan O'Brian, Kevin Smith and Adam West, and changes the way characters switch suits. The game features copious amounts of trademark Lego humor and the story as well as side quests all help to create the feeling of a large-scale DC world. However, the level design can be repetitive, the game has some bugs, and open-world of previous games has been sacrificed to create a series of "mini-hubs" (similarly to The Lego Movie Videogame). Also, if you don't have a fairly good understanding of the DC lore, it might be hard to follow the story, which unlike the past games follows the Justice League rather that Batman almost exclusively. If you're a DC fan or a fan of previous Lego Games, you should definitely consider adding this one to your collection!


Best Puzzle Game since Tetris

darkhorse441 | Oct. 12, 2014 | Review of Portal 2 (1) - PC

Portal was a revolutionary game that took what we thought we knew about puzzle games and totally changed it by adding 3D FPS elements and a storyline. Portal 2 perfects all this by expanding and enhancing every aspect of the first game: a longer campaign, better graphics, more characters and even more references to the Half-Life franchise. The game takes a concept of jumping around with portals and makes it into a fun, well-designed, challenging, and heart-warming game that's as entertaining as it is clever.


Incredible Open World

darkhorse441 | Sept. 27, 2014 | Review of LEGO Lord of the Rings - PC

Ever since Lego Star Wars III, the franchise has had some form of open world, which has evolved and culminated in this game. True to Peter Jackson's trilogy and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Lego Lord of the Rings comes highly recommended for fans of the saga. Its strength lies in its open-world, which incorporates many RPG elements and is reminiscent of Skyrim. (Anyone get the in-game arrow to the knee reference?). Middle Earth is faithfully recreated and allows for fetch-quests and minigames. While the levels are a bit lackluster and sometimes buggy, the game itself is saved by its incredible open-world gameplay. A must for all Tolkien fans!


The Definitive Lego Game

darkhorse441 | Sept. 27, 2014 | Review of LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Steam - PC

Lego Batman was the best selling game of the franchise and gave a new twist on Lego Video Games. Now, as The Dark Knight was to Batman Begins, Lego Batman 2 improves on nearly every aspect of the original. It adds an open-world, expands on the story, has voice acting, and increases the size of levels. The result is a funny game that evokes all the nostalgia of the older Lego games while creating a fresh new style of gameplay. If there is one game that truly shines in the legacy of the original Lego Star Wars, it is Lego Batman 2. While it is sometimes buggy and has a small character selection compared to other games, it uses the toyline to its fullest and incorporates the best elements of both Lego and DC to create a fun experience for gamers of all ages.


The Best in the Series

darkhorse441 | Sept. 27, 2014 | Review of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum MAC - PC

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 takes a fresh two look at the franchise. While there was little difference between the two previous games, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 adds a new 3D game engine, greater camera freedom, more rides, better park control, and the ABILITY TO RIDE YOUR ROLLER COASTERS! This feature alone makes the game highly recommended, compounded with the fact that the Platinum editions allows you to create pools, water rides, and zoos. Granted the game has its flaws, and the graphics seem a little outdated by today's standards, but it is a great simulation game to add to your collection in anticipation of the next installment.



darkhorse441 | Sept. 20, 2014 | Review of Portal - PC

What can be said about Portal that hasn't been said a thousand times; the gameplay is probably the most innovative of the generation, the story is engaging and witty, and the graphics are top-notch (for a 2007 game) and still hold up today. The only real compaint is the very short nature of the game; an average player could finish it in three hours, though I guarantee it will be some of the best moments you've ever spent gaming. Journey through one of the greatest and most original of Valve games, and get ready to play a game that defined this generation of gaming.


A Refreshing Change

darkhorse441 | Sept. 20, 2014 | Review of The LEGO Movie - PC

The Lego Movie Videogame follows the same structure and design as previous video games. However, it offers a refreshing new design and a different feel. The realism of previous games has been replaced by all-LEGO decors and animation truer to actual Lego Minifigs) Blending with cutscenes from the movie, it expands on certain scenes and creates an open-world recreation of the blockbuster motion picture. It may be shorter than recent LEGO games, which is a bit of a letdown, but also helps to re-live the nostalgia of the older, shorter games. With its massive character selection, changeable pants, and witty dialogue, this game is a great addition to fans of the movie and LEGO fans everywhere.


Classic Lego Fun

darkhorse441 | June 14, 2014 | Review of LEGO Batman The Videogame Steam - PC

Many will agree that some of the newer lego games (Lego Marvel, Lego Batman 2, Lego LotR...) are a lot better than the originals, and who could argue? But nothing really beats the nostalgic feel of the original games, when they talked in gibberish, when the game engine had a certain feel that made it feel like being a child again. This game offers all that nostalgic feel as well as one of the greatest superheroes (#2 according to IGN!) of all time: Batman. The characters, the story, the suits, and the powers are all fun to watch for both new fans of the Lego series and old. My one major complaint is the incredibly small selection of characters. Actually, it is the smallest of any Lego game. Still, it offers several great hours of gameplay, and is well worth the money.



darkhorse441 | June 14, 2014 | Review of LEGO Marvel Superheroes - PC

This Lego game definitely does what no other has done. It has great characters, good humor, an amazing selection of minifigs, new big-figs, a great open world, and so much more. My only concern is that sometimes the story gets a little bogged down by having so many characters and I sometimes lose track. Also a bit disappointing is the DLC that costs, in my opinion, more that the characters it unlocks are worth. But other than that, this game will be definitely worth your money and it takes a long (but great) time to finish.