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A penny per Hour of enjoyment

darkking | Nov. 2, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 NA Origin (1) - PC

When EA reworked the battlefield series people wondered with the final result would be. The end result was pure enjoyment. multiplay is where this game shines like a little Star.So many facet for so many types of players. Want your FPS thrills? its always there. Maybe you arent the greatest at shooters? Just be a medic and heal and revive. Dont want to be on the front lines? just do support and grab a big gun and lay down cover fire. Or maybe you have a steady hand? just lay back and snipe. You are a driving person? show your skills in a jeep or even a tank or take off with a crew in a helicopter and raid the enemy base. I'm not kidding when i say there is something for everyone. There is a bit of a learning curve as better equipment unlocks based on accumulated points. This might worry the new player but in a matter of no time if you just keep plugging thru eventually what you need unlocks. Ea took good care in making sure there was new content and it shows. maps,maps and more maps. Two player missions that you and a buddy can do and even compete for the best completion score. Single player is good but just a bit short. At the price this game is at right now it is An EASY buy and like I said you can get multiple hours of enjoyment of of this. For the price of two people going to a movie you can get 100x then entertainment time. Why are you still reading this? if you dont have it, just go buy it...