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darksiders666 | April 3, 2013 | Review of Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning NA Origin - PC

I have been quite skeptical about buying online RPG games. I loved the Elder Scrolls series so my expectations were very high. I recently played Witcher 1 which I liked a lot, but Witcher 2 won't run without being so slow and such mouse sensitivity that I can't stand playing it. I liked Risen, but also found it lagged. This game however, has been AWESOME! It is huge like Skyrim and with lots of things to explore. The game offers many many choices that affect the game in various ways. I suspect it can be played repeatedly in different ways. It plays well on my computer and I haven't had any trouble with lag. The scenery is beautiful and creative. The quests are fun. Downside...lots of loot, not so much carrying room. However fast travel is an option and eventually you get to store some of your loot. I have been playing this game for 110 hours so far and am nowhere close to finished. I love that you can download 2 add ons that seem to be quite big also. Even some of the baddies are cute and part of you really hates to dismember them. Good mix of magic, alchemy and fighting. Tons of options. You aren't stuck reading and reading when you talk to people, just hit skip. It saves often so when you get killed by the big boss monsters you don't have to back track very far. Similar game interface as most RPG games, mix of mouse and keyboard, but easy to figure out. Not super gory which I appreciate. Also good clues about what to do next. It frustrates me to no end being in the middle of quest and having no idea what to do next after trying several options. I really really enjoy this game and recommend it for anyone who appreciates RPG games


Fun for old-timers

darksiders666 | March 31, 2013 | Review of Dark Scavenger - PC

Dark Scavenger is a game full of humour. The writing is superlative and a credit to the development team, who clearly understand their demographic. The strength of the piece lies in its characterisation rather than narrative, facilitating multiple fresh playthroughs, and the player can’t help but get attached to both their crew mates and nemeses. With visual gags abound in the caricatures, pleasant audio hinting at JRPGS gone by and surreal, charming dialogue brimming with wit, Dark Scavenger is an attractive package for the nostalgic, the adventure-buff and the comedy hound alike.


Not enough payoff for your effort

darksiders666 | March 25, 2013 | Review of Deer Hunt Legends - PC

I enjoy a pretty wide array of genres when it comes to gaming. This one looked like fun. I've never tried any of the hunting games on PC or console, and the fact that this one promised DINOSAURS was enough to get me to try it. Right off the bat, I found the controls to be marginal at best. The combination of stylus and buttons just didn't flow. I tried the alternate setup and it was worse. The game started off with "shoot X deer in Y minutes" and moved onto "don't shoot any doe". I found it a challenge to discern doe from bucks on the screen. There is a variety of weapons and power-ups, but it still wasn't enough to engage me for any extended gameplay I did like the addition of predators like the moose and wolf to change things up a bit, but the wonky control scheme just kept throwing me off. In the end I never did see any dinos, but I guess thats only for the die-hard "legends" fans.


Very good and underrated car game

darksiders666 | March 10, 2013 | Review of Crash Time 2 Steam - PC

This game is very good. The controls are excelent and very relaxing, graphics are more than ok, the driving is fun and so on. The only negative part is the way you get missions in the story; you have to drive specific cars in specific area to trigger those missions, which is a nuissance since you doint know what car to choose for what mission. But aside from that, he game is challenging and engaging, you drive a lot of different cars, you have highways and a city to ram freely. Definitely a must buy for whom is looking to just drive around and have a good time.(this applies to all 5 games of the series)


Fantastic game

darksiders666 | March 5, 2013 | Review of Tropico 4 - PC

Tropico is a ton of fun, and unlike many other games, you don't get bored of it after a while. The gameplay is great, very open-ended, and very entertaining. I find it to be a much more realistic sim than some other games...buildings take time to create, workers take time to come to your island from other countries, and there are endless ways to run a country...same is true with Tropico. There are many different "paths to greatness": you can make money from industry(rum, jewelry, etc.), farming and mining, tourism, fishing, or all of them. You can keep your island heavily guarded by military (be careful...lack of liberty is not tolerated by citizens) or you can let your people do whatever the heck they want (again, be careful. don't let them start a rebellion). This game has few downsides. -The interface isn't well designed. It takes up a lot of space, and doesn't provide easy access to info. -Buildings cannot always be rotated as you want them, which is quite annoying if you want a Tenement to overlook the water, for example. Overall, a great game, definitely worth buying.


Creative, intelligent, and most of all FUN

darksiders666 | March 5, 2013 | Review of Tropico 3 - PC

This game can really be summed up in one word: FUN. Because of what others have said about this being a shallow game, I think this deserves a real explanation. I played the game for the first couple of hours, and it kept me really interested, even kept me up past midnight the first night of playing the game. I was a little disappointed at the time, and thought I had perhaps spent too much on such a shallow game. I went back at it later the next evening, and was just taken immediately by the breadth and immersion that the game provides. I really felt "attached" to my island and its people as well as its ultimate development and pursuit of a capitalistic society. Tropico 3 will provide you with hours upon hours of wonderful entertainment ... just give it time to grow on you!


Fun and relaxing

darksiders666 | March 3, 2013 | Review of FIFA Manager 2013 NA Origin - PC

I bought this game on release and have probably played about 30 hours or so. It does crash rarely for me (Win 7 x64), but you just need to save often. The GUI is excellent and the immersion is almost complete when managing a European club. The game has a few problems. There is a disconnect between tactics and what actually happens on the field. The 3D mode is terribad. It is not realistic in the slightest. The developers seem to go a step forward and two steps backward with every iteration. The 3D mode for each game never changes. Nothing you do off the pitch seems to effect what happens on the pitch. I typically use videotext mode and that seems to produce more realistic results although I am not sure if my tactical changes are effecting the outcome or if it's just player stats. The transfer market is about the same as FM12 and this is my favorite part of the game. They added some more team dynamics/chemistry menus. However, I have perused the forum for this game and people are saying that it has almost no effect on the outcome of games. Also, you can usually just get by with saying to every player "your training performance was magnificent" and their morale increases. It's repetitive for the most part but sometimes a player has an excellent game and you can tell him that. Adds to immersion.