Reviews by davionc


A failure, but a very good game if you patch it

davionc | Nov. 14, 2013 | Review of Gothic 3 Gold Edition - PC

Every time sequel is released it is hard to evaluate it. Especially if previous game set quite a high quality plank. I case of Gothic 3 we have two excellent previous games, great setting and nice story. That is why quality plank for Gothic 3 is very high. It is common knowledge that Gohic 3 was released too early, full of bugs and not finished. But later great community patch was released that fixed a lot and gave us real Gothic 3. That is why I won't consider unpatched Gothic 3. In comparison with previous games there are a lot of changes in gameplay, character mechanics and graphics. In general I think that fight mechanics became better, more dynamic than in first two games, but harder too. Graphics is amazing (even some glitches won't spoil experience). Everywhere you could see ideas of the developers, but almost everywhere they are unfortunately not finished. For example, freeing the cities. Great idea! But after first two liberations it gets repetitive and boring. In some cities there are a lot of quests to help you to liberate the city, in rest there are almost none. Somewhat similar character models are also great minus. Story starts with interesting twists and turns but finishes very abruptly. Gothic 3 is a good game, though fans will be probably dissapointed.


Dark fantasy RPG with perfect storytelling

davionc | Nov. 12, 2013 | Review of The Witcher II Assassins of Kings - PC

Witcher 2 is worthy successor to Witcher. Game evolved, preserved all the good stuff it had and improved in the rest. Witcher 2 is story-driven game, and thus you have to accept some restrictions (e.g forced choices) but nevertheless game allows to make vital choices which affect storyline. Storytelling is amazing, voice acting is beautiful. In fact voice acting was the most weak feature of Witcher, but in the second installment they (CDProject) hired professional team for it. Dialogues itself are very good if not perfect, characters are alive and remarkable. Character development is different from Witcher but its mechanic is very similar. It's pretty decent, allows to create different types of characters. Combat is huge improvement in comparison with Witcher. I think combat is the second thing that makes this game so great. The first thing is storytelling of course. Principles of combat mechanic in Witcher 2 is simple but hard to master. Game are unforgiving to player, slightest error and you are dead. You have to be very agile and attentive. In fact you feel kind of accomplishment to stay alive after each non regular encounter. Witcher 2 is definitly one of the best RPGs of last 10 years.