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Fun distraction, but nothing more.

davisev5225 | April 29, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines - PC

I bought this game specifically to play with my friends. I enjoy the Aliens franchise, and have played a couple of the games in the past. I especially enjoy the movies, and was led to believe this game would be similar in story to the earlier Aliens movies. Unfortunately, this is not the case. What you get instead is a rather generic action shooter with an Aliens skin. The gameplay is good enough, with only a few bugs here and there to interrupt a play session, but there's nothing really noteworthy to draw you in. Playing with friends will help cover these shortcomings a bit, but if you're looking for a good Aliens story, you're better off sticking to the movies. If all you want is a quick "Aliens fix", though, then there are certainly worse options. Recommended only for people who are patient and willing to look past the surface.