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The most extensive Total War experience

dead_zombies | March 22, 2013 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

Total War Shogun 2 is strategy game that lets the player control a clan in feudal Japan, striving for control and dominion over territories with military might, or clever diplomacy. The gameplay is a hybrid of turn based clan management (Civilization players will feel right at home) and spectacular real time military engagements. The AI does an awesome job on the battlefield and off it always forcing the player to adapt to new strategies and the challenge of it has kept me hooked. The level of control the player is given is adequate without being overwhelming which is hard to do when you're making a game catering to the fans of the series while also making it accessible enough for those newly taking up the sword. The graphics are nothing short of amazing. The campaign map shows the lush geography of Japan, with the flowing tides, swaying trees and artful details here and there. The battles are equally as gorgeous if not more; seeing thousands of individuals, each one with fluid animations and intricate armor and facial details fighting it out brings the immersion of Total War battles to a new level. The UI is rich with Japanese art and calligraphy that also adds to the immersion into the time period. The multiplayer is as remarkable as the single player with an all new Avatar Conquest mode where you create your own General and fight human opponents. Your general levels up and you pick his skills to gear your army as you see fit for your strategy. I have long been a fan of Age of Empires/Mythology and I am hooked to this game because it is so familiar, yet adds so many different things. Shogun 2 is one my favorite pc games and I recommend it wholeheartedly to be an addition to your pc library as well.