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A worthy sequel to the Metro series

deathsplat | May 27, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

I received almost no lag on very high while playing this wonderfully told game. On my mid-end setup I received 45-70 fps inside tunnels and even as high as 100 in very low populated areas. The game ran beautifully and was a great port. The gameplay has improved majorly from Metro 2033, and while Metro: Last Light may prove to be linear in some areas, there are also many optional areas you can explore which provide further immersion into the story. I do, however, have a major problem with the voice acting. While I am loving the soundtrack and sound, the voice acting for some characters is just terrible; the refugees from the red line have such bad voice acting ("Theear arr womeen and childreen here! Pleez don't shewt! Leeve and let leeve! Okay?") but for more important characters the voice acting is improved majorly. There are however some moments when bad voice acting just pulls you out of the immersion, which is not good in a game meant to immerse the player. Metro 2033 had a broken stealth system, which led me to giving up and just running and gunning. While Metro: Last Light fixes this, it introduces many new problems. The lighting is spectacular, but I swear no one can see you at all if you're in the shade. It's almost as if you literally turn invisible. Why cant I be a simple black figure that the npcs can notice? Instead, I'm like the worlds top spy able to be one foot away from an enemy and as long as I am in the shade and crouching he will not be able to see me. But don't worry. While I listed a couple cons, that's pretty much the only bad stuff of this game, and the game otherwise is absolutely perfect in every way, from the gun play to the spectacular display of lighting. I will definitely be buying the season pass and I hope others, instead of pirating, will support the developers by buying this amazing game. Just think of what 4A Games could have achieved if they had only gotten a larger budget and nicer work space.