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Once you work with it, it's great.

deatonis | Sept. 26, 2013 | Review of Rage Bethesda - PC

This game is in no way perfect, infact it's rather rough around the edges not from gameplay but the game's software it's self but don't let that stop you and here's why. There's multiple fixes on the steam forum and if you mix them together the game plays better than most other titles that play natively with no problem. As far as gameplay the game is like fallout mixed with doom. The game could use alittle more depth as far as interaction with the enemies but interactions with the npcs you come in contact with is very indepth, and infact alittle more life like than other titles. The shooter aspects of the game is great and the driving isn't bad, the control for the driving is actually very good but the games own issues tend to limit how much enjoyment you get out of that, unless again though, you fix it and make it work. The graphics are also pretty nice once modified and the selection of guns down the way is pretty nice especially since some actually add in new aspects such as stealth or explosive. Overall the title fairs well and to me proved to be quite an experience especially with how surreal the surroundings and the game it's self feels.


Deserves more praise then it gets, online is flawless

deatonis | Sept. 26, 2013 | Review of Lost Planet 2 - PC

This game should be accredited as "monster hunter in space" and it a beautiful sequel to lost colonies. Unfortunately this game never received the hype and due that it deserved. It's a mix of challenging and rewarding and is amazing when with a group of other players, especially in the co-op. The games real appeal is not even it's story either (though it is an awesome one and very animesque) but rather it's character customization and fighting akrid, with the vital suits being a close 2nd to those two. The game's mechs or vital suits are awesome and each as it's own feel and some have their own lil secrets. The akrid actually tie in with the story and add abit more depth as well and are also the most engaging for boss battles. With skills/abilities determining how exactly you will do those battles and also battle against the enemy factions. This game is an amazing experience with others online and my personal suggestion is to buy the title and to love the awesomeness of this game's online experience.


Familiar ground with new paving

deatonis | Sept. 26, 2013 | Review of Sanctum 2 - PC

Sanctum 2 continues forward from Coffee stain's sanctum 1, and adds onto the games base functionality. Now there are multiple characters you can use, new types of enemies and far more tower types and weapons and even abilities. The game it's self is very fun and very engaging as promotes not only it's strategic turret portion but it's weaponry and unique character aspects. All characters have their own character trait, ontop of being able to possess abilities. The game however is not flawless as difficulty ramps up fast and it would be nice to know how different turrets affect enemies more so then what it shows. But the game is still nothing short of amazing, the level of strategy you can get down to with this not so classic take on the turret defense genre is very deep. Even moreso from the way turrets can assist or supplement each other. I will just ontop of everything state it like this, I in no way regretted my purchase and enjoy playing this game quite often, especially with friends.


A classic all should own

deatonis | Sept. 26, 2013 | Review of Zeno Clash - PC

Some games honestly never get the due they're owed. Zeno clash is one such title. From the beginning to the very end I loved ever piece experience, every plot twist, every turn of the game. Fps games that promote control of the character (such as games like mirrors edge) tend to be gems that do not disappoint and this title is no different. The controls feel fluid and if needed the title even supports a gamepad. The game is a little wonky, with bizarre landscapes and totally stunning in concept areas. The graphical appeal for areas is there as well, not being the greatest especially since it is an older title but being crisp and colorful. All in all if you're thinking about getting the game just go right ahead and purchase it. It is not a purchase you will regret, the world is fascinating, the controls work well, there is definitely challenge to the title and the story is otherworldly, a game of the ages.