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Fantastic, But Dated Game

dede_10mil | May 11, 2013 | Review of Rome Total War - PC

I never was a really big fan of the Total War series until Shogun 2 came out. I loved it and decided to give the older games a shot. I enjoyed Medieval 2 and recently decided to try Rome. It ended up being much better than i expected and I am loving it. The battles are immensely satisfying and even better with mods. There is even still a large multiplayer community still going on. Unlike Shogun 2, each faction's unit roster is very unique with interesting units like elephants, flaming pigs, and berserkers. Some downsides to Rome is that you cannot fire over buildings, diplomacy is almost nonexistant during the campaign, and AI can be frustrating. The pros still do outweigh the cons and this game is a must have.