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Great story

deiopa | May 19, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

There isn't much to tell on the gameplay side because basically there is none. If you're looking for tough riddles you are at the wrong place. The action is mostly packed in quicktime events which are actually very boring, from a gameplay perspective. But the story in this game is indeed a masterpiece compared to the vast majority in video games. It is filled with tention but also touching moments just like in the TV series. You are Lee, a convicted murderer, who strumbles across Clementine, a little girl he decsides to care of. The girl immediately steals your heart and you will do anything to make her feel safe. So most of the time you will find yourself talking to other survivers and argueing with them. You have to pick sides on different opinions which will all affect the story. Mostly you have a limited timeframe to pick a dialogue option. Sometimes it's a little bit too short for me to read them all, since I'm not a native speaker. If time runs out, you just say nothing which is most cases not the best idea. On the technically side I have to admit that I've expierenced a few bugs and crashes. Nothing too bad, but sometimes a stupid bug can destroy the whole atmosphere. Overall the game is more like an interactive movie. If you are looking for a lot of zombies to shoot in the head you should probably stick with Left 4 Dead, but when you want to expierence a great story you can influence The Walking Dead is the right choice for you. You might wanna pay a price you would be willing to pay for a DVD of a whole season of an actual TV series you like.