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A masterpiece

desperado28 | Sept. 1, 2015 | Review of Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad - PC

Games like this are so rarely made that it is a sin not to play it. Red Orchestra 2 get so many things right from the very beginning, i'm talking about that hole atmosphere of war, weapon handling, with that music orchestra constantly playing in your ear, everything feels so epic. We need more games like this, period



desperado28 | Aug. 21, 2014 | Review of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Steam - PC

It's been awhile since i played this gem, but this game holds a really special place in my heart.. Is it for the awesome 80's music or because of that atmosphere that i'll never forget, i don't really know. All i know is that this game is timeless. Vice city was a proper upgrade in term of technology and limits on it's engine than his predecessor. Gameplay stayed the same but general weaponry has been improved quite a bit, note that now you got chainsaw. What's not to like? But only when you get in the car and tune up the radio, then you realize that you are playing the best GTA that was ever created. A truly masterpiece on many levels that is a must play for any gamer.


Wake up Mr.Freeman, wake up and smell the ashes.

desperado28 | Aug. 21, 2014 | Review of HalfLife 2 - PC

You are looking at the game that defined FPS genre in many ways and after 10 years, this game hasn't aged a bit. Reason for that? Simple. An unmatched lvl design (possible the best one i seen in any video game), memorable and fun gameplay that you will remember forever. Only bad side of this gem is it length, i'm talking about at least 7-8 hours to finish. All in all, this game is classic that every gamer that had ever touched a fps shooter should play. Period.


Absolutely stunning

desperado28 | Aug. 21, 2014 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

If you are fan of Total War games, you should be very familiar what this game done to the this genre and reminded everyone how a proper RTS game should be made. Its absolutely stunning in every way, starting from art style, soundtrack, to the hole atmosphere of 16th-century Japan, it will leave you speechless. This has quickly become my favorite game in the genre and is definitely must have for any total war fans out there


Back to its root

desperado28 | April 27, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

Simply put, this game one of kind. If you liked the first one, this will right at the start hit "in that spot". Amazing setting for the game, excellent rpg/fps hybrid and most off all, it has soul.