Reviews by dgol1115


this game punches you in the face, and laughs.

dgol1115 | Aug. 15, 2014 | Review of Dustforce - PC

it just so happens that the laugh is the most wonderful, melodic soundtrack i've ever heard. i'm not big into games like this, but i get better, simply because i refuse to stop listening to the soundtrack. (and am too lazy to find out if theres a way to buy it.) there might be a story or something. maybe. but the real star is the gameplay, taking the cubic levels of the olden days and making them vertical, forcing a sense of momentum, and urgency, through the expanded controls, which include wallruns, dash's, multiple attacks, and probably other stuff i'm forgetting. if you like 2D runnerjumpers, or music at all, get this games.


I hate this game in a good way. AKA, i havent slept in 2 days

dgol1115 | Aug. 11, 2014 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

Ghandi. I. Hate. Ghandi. that's not a usual thing for me to say. but after the most peaceful man on earth dropped Xcom troopers into my capital city area, only to drop a Nuke, killing them, and all of my guys, i get a little leeway. this whole exchange happened at 6 AM, the day before a presentation at school, this game is addictive. ridiculously so. I'm playing it right now, in between turns i'm writing this. the game is seriously amazing, with replayability that stretches into the hundreds of games, and detailed graphics, it truly lets you feel it when everything comes together, when you conquer a city, discover a technology, or when it all falls apart, and your capital falls, or a world wonder is stolen from under your feet. this game should be played by everyone, except those with addictive personalities. cause this thing makes WOW and League look tame.


Still the same. Still Good

dgol1115 | Aug. 11, 2014 | Review of Ultra Street Fighter IV - PC

The street fighter 4 machine is dying. i dont mean in terms of the game, that's still great, but in terms of the scene surrounding it. i honestly believe it would have died out, forcing capcom to release street fighter 5. as much as i would like that, it seems that capcom is dead set on keeping it alive with little boosts like this. this game comes with a few new stages (converted from SFxT) a few "new" characters (converted from SFxT) and one "new new" character, who is a reskin of cammy. that said, they're all fun to play, and the stages look good. it's the same game you've played before. buuuuut... it's different enough to pay again. while i say all this, the main point of my review is that this is a good game. tight gameplay, good graphics, and acceptable netplay. so if you like fighting games, this is for you. if not.... 30 dollars is a lot of money when AE costs like 10.