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Absolutely Amazing

dilthedocker | Oct. 20, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs Pack - PC

Sleeping dogs is one of the most enthralling and exciting games I have ever played. You are thrown into the heart of Hong Kong, and every corner holds a new challenge. The visuals are outstanding, especially if you download the extra free texture pack off steam. The karate based fighting system is so different to regular open worlds, which makes the experience much more enjoyable. Small things like being able to put cuffs on a cop when he tries to arrest you and kicking someone off a motorbike when you’re trying to steal it just add details to the game which make it one of the best I have ever played.


Probably my Favourite Game

dilthedocker | May 5, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs Pack - PC

Sleeping Dogs is probably one of the most action packed open world games I have ever played. From the moment you step into the under-cover cops body, The beautiful lights and surroundings of Honk Kong entice you into playing more, even when you have a project due the next day ;) This pack lets you start off with bikes and cars you wouldn't have as well as many other features that are too big to list. If you ever get bored of the Martial Arts packed missions, you can speed through the mainland of Honk Kong dodging past chicken vans and police cars. I have only played for about 4 hours, but already I can see this is going to be a game that I will play for a long time. The graphics are superb and the way you can upgrade many different things, such as your cop skills, Gang skills and Martial Arts skilled is great. There are tons of mini missions and things you can find throughout the game which will surely keep me playing even after I've finished the campaign. I loved GTA IV, although it lacked a quite a few features which Sleeping Dogs seemed to have delivered on. It has great graphics even on medium (even though I play on the highest) and will keep you playing for hours on end.