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An addictive RPG

djeby | April 24, 2013 | Review of Two Worlds II - PC

It is one of the games that keeps you glued to the PC for days. Although the storyline is not very complex, it is interesting and very nice to follow. The first episode of Two Worlds was not that good, which is a good sign that the developers are making progress with this series. The graphics are pretty nice and also the moves and enemies are well designed. As for the sounds, i wasn't very impressed about it, so they could have done a better job. For what is worth, it was a very pleasant experience and I am eager to see the third episode of this series. Two Worlds II was a little too short in my opinion so maybe they can work a little more on the storyline and make it a little longer. All in all, i think it deserves a good place in any gamer that is interested in this kind of games.