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Simply amazing.

dockzor | March 5, 2014 | Review of Puddle

Simply amazing. It's a puzzle game, you play as a puddle. Of coffee. Or water. Or weedkiller. And so on.

Each liquid has its own unique property, and all you do is tilt the screen, and let physics do the rest!

Great presentation style, the science-y background music is awesome, and the puzzles are good with a fairly reasonable learning curve, so even total newbies can master the concept of the game.


A fresh reboot of a classic dimond!

dockzor | March 5, 2014 | Review of THIEF

You know there are two kinds of review you should take into consideration when you have a reboot for an old school game like Thief. There are the the people who are hardcore fans and are looking for the game they know and love, then there are the new players who are looking for a good game in general. I am new player, I have never played a Thief game before this so obviously I speak for the 2nd group of players.

So far this game is very fun and unique among my game library. I am glad to see this game sticks to its guns and focuses on actual thievery and isn't combat such as Assassins Creed or Dishonored, fighting multiple enemies is suicide and stealth is always the best option. There is also the ability to customize the difficulty in any way that suits your play-style to make it harder or easier, by choosing harder settings boosts your score and rewards you for playing hardcore.

Another feature I like seems to be similar to Splinter Cell, after a mission you receive a score based on three categories (Ghost, Predator, Opportunist). My only beef with this game so far is that its a little linear and the maps seem small compared to a game like Dishonored. Its just my preference, its nothing against the game. As long as a game maintains a strong story and good mechanics then being linear is fine, being a linear game seems like a bad thing these days and to me its just one method to telling a story.

On to the second part of this review.

When I was reading reviews on metacritic today I noticed that about 90% of the negative reviews were about how "modern" it was or how it was a crappy addition to the series. Now I can understand why people might be disappointed in the direction a game might take but it doesn't make it right to give it a 0/10. Fact is that this is a quality game and plenty of effort was put into developing it, thats all I can ask for.