Reviews by domingz605


Awesome Rouge-like game.

domingz605 | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Teleglitch - PC

Are you searching for a really good and hard game? You should buy Teleglitch. This game is really hard so you will die many times. And that can be a bad thing about this game. One of the thing in this game that not everybody will like are graphics. This game have mixed graphics. It's like 8-bit game with 3d sprites etc. But the graphics add something to this game. The controls are good. Overall this game is really good. It's not a game for everyone. If you like challenge you should buy this game.


Really good survival

domingz605 | Oct. 20, 2013 | Review of All Zombies Must Die Scorepocalypse - PC

I wanted to play survial game. I've seen that this game is on sale so i bought it and you know what? It's a really good game. It's a standalone DLC so you don't need to buy All Zombies Must Die to play it. It's a survival game like Dead Nation etc. The controls are good, graphics are really nice. There're a lots of weapons too choose, many zombies to kill. You can even level up. But the best part of this game is beating your own highscore. You will be playing the same levels over and over again beat your or friend's highscore. It can get boring but if you like games like that you will enjoy it but this game is pricey so buy it if it is on sale.