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Spam the spells !

dongzor | June 23, 2013 | Review of Magicka - PC

Magicka is just plain fantastic. From the derpaderp speech of the characters, to the level and enemy design, to the just brilliant spell system. As soon as you get outside the tutorial, you run into a woman with a big gold exclamation mark over her head in good old RPG fashion, asking you to kill rats in her basement or something like that. You know you're on a winner when she gets attacked by goblins and the quest marker falls off onto the ground and you get down to some good old blowin' stuff up instead. Best things about Magicka? No mana. Limited inventory (you can pick up a staff and carry a 'melee' item). No quests apart from killing the next thing in front of you. GREAT spell system, where you have 8 different elementals, each bound to a key, and you can combine them in any way you want to create spells, some of which just combine effects, some of which form unique Magicks.


Epic game

dongzor | June 23, 2013 | Review of Chivalry Medieval Warfare Overflow 1 - PC

Chivalry is a first-person fighting game (FFG?) built around close-range melee combat, with a smattering of archery. It never loses sight of the fact that, fancy moves or no, getting personal is a messy business. Heads, legs and arms fly by the dozen in every match, a feature made approximately ten billion times better by the fact that you can further de-limb opponents as they stare in shock at the first mortal blow. There is nothing quite like hacking someone's arm off, then executing a swift and true beheading as they stare open-mouthed at the stump.


Great game

dongzor | June 15, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

Of course we return to the planet Pandora, a wasteland populated with fearful monsters and insane, murderous criminals – Handsome Jack has taken control of Pandora – he’s a corrupt, big business villain who uses all the resources of his employer, the Hyperion Corporation, to get whatever he wants. Borderlands 2 has created four new playable characters – Salvador, Zero, Axton and Maya – all with new abilities and classes – the Siren makes a return with some new abilities, the Commando has become a deadlier specialist, the Gunzerker is a little dude with top-class gun progress and the Assassin is EXACTLY that, deadly with a sniper rifle or a sword. One of the most impressive things about Borderlands 2 is the depth of the new storyline. The nonplayer characters are much more interesting and the overall storyline is incredibly intriguing. Overall, Gearbox have not reinvented the wheel, but then when it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The new game doesn’t stray that far from the original concept but there are enough new abilities and a great plot to make the purchase of Borderlands 2 an excellent decision.