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Awesome RPG

draculrosu12 | March 31, 2013 | Review of Darkstone - PC

This is a great little RPG. It's definitely one of the best I've played, price notwithstanding. Mind you, "Darkstone" is a small, modest game that attempts to entertain you for a few hours and succeeds. One of my sisters (who normally refuses to get near RPGs), spent all day in front of the screen trying to figure this one out. According to her, she liked "Darkstone" because the fighting was more along the lines of an adventure game instead of the typical "flash to another perspective" fight screen of a RPG. Sure, it's a bit different but it works pretty well here. Warning: don't buy this and expect some Final Fantasy knock-off or something, though. This is far more reminiscent of the old D&D RPGs they released for the PC years ago, but with a bird's eye perspective. I do have a couple complaints: The instruction booklet isn't as informative as it could be, which can be frustrating if you are just starting off. Also, it takes 6 whole blocks of memory to save a game. Bleh. What's with *that*? Other than that, this is a totally fun and addictive game for the rabid RPGer.


Its just not the same

draculrosu12 | March 31, 2013 | Review of Need for Speed Most Wanted NA Origin - PC

I bought this game thinking they would try to go back to how the original Most Wanted game was but I was wrong. There is no story line at all except to beat ten "most wanted" cars. There is no modifying your car beyond a couple mods and different colors. The thing that made the first Most Wanted great was the ability to make your car your own, that is to say modify everything about it from the rims up to custom paint jobs. There was also the feature of owning your cars in the first Most Wanted. You had to race to earn money in order to purchase the next car you wanted. It was a little time consuming but satisfying when you finally bought a new car and test drove it. But in the new Most Wanted game you wonder around the world and stumble upon the cars. It destroys the excitement of acquiring new cars. For example, you start out with a Porsche 911 and I started to drive around the city to check it out. Well I just happened upon the Ford GT (one of my favorite cars and one that in the past was a tier 3 or so car which took a while to get). So right at the get go I had one of the fastest cars in the game. It was disappointing to lose the ability to purchase and modify cars. Next is the whole "crash sequence." This is by far the worst thing about the game. Lets say youre strolling along at 50mph. In real life you'd be dead if you hit another car head on, but this is a video game and isn't supposed to be real life (hints why its a video game). So if you hit a person going anywhere between 40mph and 240mph, this cut scene comes on and shows your car tumbling through the air only to land, broken, on the pavement. The camera just sits there, focused on your broken car. All the while racers are speeding past you. Its annoying and any little bump will make you crash. That takes the joy out of driving recklessly and ramming into cop cars because youre afraid to hit them. That brings me to the next part: cop chases. They mean absolutely nothing. If you get away, nothing happens. If you get busted, nothing happens. No consequences, no impounding, nothing. So what's the point of it? There isnt one. All in all this game is okay. I wouldnt buy it new. The graphics are fantastic and the online play is the best part of the game. But not worth $50, more like $20. So just wait for a good used deal to come by.


Probably the best sniping game out there

draculrosu12 | March 11, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite - PC

This is an average port of the classic original Xbox (and PS2) title but still remains a solid, enjoyable sniper game (despite the older graphics and occasional glitch). This is not typical run-and-gun action, rather it is slow (in a good way), strategic, stealthy and tense. You do not run around with machine guns trying to kill the enemy. instead you lay low and use stealth to engage the targets. I like the Bullet Camera when you get a perfect shot and you see the bullet slow down and hit the target. Nice! If you do not have patience this game may not be for you The game provides a deep, rewarding sense of gaming satisfaction that you don't get with your typical FPS (which I am a big fan of also). Overall, a fun classic



draculrosu12 | March 10, 2013 | Review of Safecracker Steam - PC

The game is challenging enough to put even serious puzzle vets through their paces, but by the same token, it's not the kind of experience that's likely to hold the interest of younger children or those looking for a quick-and-easy timewaster that can be played in short spurts. Safecracker is a well made game designed to appeal to a specific breed of gamer. If you're the kind of person who has keen powers of observation and problem-solving skills, and is patient enough to be willing to spend hours deciphering finicky puzzles, then you'll find Safecracker to be a worthy challenge.


Nothing impressive

draculrosu12 | March 5, 2013 | Review of Naval Warfare Arctic Circle - PC

I love simulation games, but this one doesn't do it for me. I'm sure there are Navy buffs that would love it though. It's just too slow for my taste. I played through several of the tutorials that you are required to play, and I couldn't get into the game. For instance, looking for an enemy sub takes about as long as it would in real life. You have aircraft scouring the massive map while your ships and helicopters search other sectors. It's time consuming, but maybe that's what some people are looking for. In terms of the graphics, I feel slightly mislead by the pictures Even with the graphics on Ultra, I wasn't impressed. I can't even explain it, but my recommendation is that if you're interested in buying this game, check out videos of the gameplay on youtube first. That's what I should have done...


As fun as Civilization, but without the headache

draculrosu12 | March 5, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Pirates - PC

I have the Pirates for Mac version. I've had the Pirates for PC version as well. Both seem to work the same. The game is a lot of fun and the sailing graphics are beautiful. sailing around the sea is a pleasure because of the detail to waves, ships, cities, storms, etc. The game came out in 2005, so cranking the video effects to maximum offers no problem for a modern iMac (late 2009 in my case). I've played several versions of Pirates and Civilization over the years (decades). I've always liked Civilization but it does require a lot of thinking and hopping back and forth across lots of screens, analyzing all kinds of data. Pirates is more casual then Civilization (they are both from the same company). My only complaint is the game fills the screen; there is no way to play within a window. this probably made sense 5 years ago but today I have a 27" monitor


Could have been better

draculrosu12 | March 5, 2013 | Review of Grand Ages Rome - PC

Fun at first, takes a while to learn, but not much replay ability. Good theme, but lacks depth. You rebuild just about the same things over and over, with different objectives. I still prefer the old Caesar III game than this slightly graphic improved strategy build game Personally I enjoyed and still am enjoying this game. Yes somethings could be better, but all in all its fun. The building rules are not that hard to figure out its all common sense stuff, such as you need a building close to a resource to get the resource, you need houses which have people in order to work the resources. Like I said all common sense stuff. If you build the city and pay attention to what the people want then you won't have a problem. I have been enjoying this time of game for years and I love them. Many are to dumbed down to enjoy this one is a challenge, its not Age of Empires or Total War, I will agree with that but if you want a challenge then get it its a lot of fun if you like challenges and to think about what your doing. All in All I enjoyed it, yeah there are a lot of stipulations on where to place things, the graphics are the best but that's really all the cons I have about it.


A great wargame

draculrosu12 | March 5, 2013 | Review of Wargame European Escalation - PC

I read some reviews on line of this game and it seemed a bit daunting at first. I watched a few youtubes as well ( make sure to search for gameplay to get a real feel for it ) and I'd have to say I'm blown away. I've been looking for a wargame with modern units ( though this is set in the cold war era so not today modern ) and this really fits the bill. It's got a great multiplayer segment, as well as skirmish, however with only a single AI opponent. Speaking of the AI it's quite challenging, I've played a few skirmishes and its always been challenging, the campaign is also great moving you though some different alternate history during the cold war era. All and all a great buy, the game sync's with steam as well and it was seamless. Runs well in windowed mode, however it seemed that it would crash in win 7 64bit, make sure to set your compatibility down to xp so it will use dx9


Great entry in the strategy, 4x genre

draculrosu12 | March 3, 2013 | Review of Endless Space Admiral Edition - PC

From the 4x games I've played, the most similar game would be Galactic Civilization 2, a great 4x game in itself, in both its gameplay and background. If you already like GalCiv 2, this game should be right up your alley. Its execution and amount of content on the usual 4x elements range from good to great. There are 8 races, lots of civic options (buildings/improvements), research options, and a little weaker on diplomacy. Several victory conditions that cater to different play style. While some say the battle is merely a "card game", it needs to be considered in the context of 4x, in which the strategy is determined and executed *before* the battle, i.e. having a strong production or producing the right unit for the situation. Not to mention, in most 4x games, the combat involve little besides dragging units to the desired location. The only thing I find really lacking is the UI, which gets really cumbersome as your empire grows larger. It needs to do better to preset both information and access to users to manage large number of systems (equivalent of planets or cities). For example, there is no GalCiv 2 style production manager, meaning towards the end you'll be clicking thru 20-30 systems to build x. Hot keys are curiously missing--as in none at all. All in all, a great strategy, 4x game that could use a better UI


Realistic economy and pirate battles - everyone wins

draculrosu12 | March 3, 2013 | Review of Port Royale 3 - PC

Imagine Farmville, but instead of lamely set in a single farmstead, this is set on the high seas and there's NO annoying of friends to play and send gifts. If you like buying/selling goods and building your own company, you can play in Merchant mode, but if you like more action, you can jump into Adventurer mode and play more pirate-hunting and exploration type missions. I like the fact that this has support for Xbox 360-type controllers, which makes it a lot more playable over having to remember all the keyboard commands. You might prefer the keyboard - to each his/her own.


Fun and Casual

draculrosu12 | March 3, 2013 | Review of A Game of Dwarves - PC

This game is really great for its price and is basically a updated version of Dwarfs Fortress. Its really easy to get into and is very casual. The game is really enjoyable and I can casually play it while doing other things at the same time. Also if you buy it now there's additional free content in the in-game shop which is pretty nice. The art style is interesting and the story is very humorous. This game is definatly worth the price and i love it. There were some minor AI issues but its easy to overcome them and for such a cheap game its not that big of a deal. Definatly get this game if you're into games such as minecraft and strategy/management games.


Very great idea, fun game

draculrosu12 | March 3, 2013 | Review of Endless Space Emperor Edition - PC

This game is very similar to turn-based strategy games like Civilization (except in space, which is better) and real-time strategy games like sins of a solar empire. It is one of those games that is inbetween, like Total War for those of you familiar with the series. But, as total war is primarily an rts game, Endless Space is primarily a turn-based game. The quick real-time space battles are very simple instruments added for elegance. Now, many people accuse the ai of cheating, and it does seem so sometimes, but other times not so much. If you feel the ai is cheating, all you have to do is change up your tactics a little bit and be more random. Out-playing the ai will lead you towards victory even when the ai does cheat. In the real time battles, countering what your enemy does gives you a bonus, but does not neutralize what they do. The ai often has inferior ship designs so when you design your own, you will definitely notice the difference and realize that once you become good at the game, the ai will have to cheat to have any chance of success or even mere survival. If you are new to the civilization-like turn based strategy genre, then do not play this game, do not buy it. If you are a veteran or casual gamer that really found enjoyment in the civilization franchise then defintely buy this game, play it, and love it. It is a great change of pace and you will find yourself immersed in the game play.


Very good DLC

draculrosu12 | March 3, 2013 | Review of Hearts of Iron III Their Finest Hour - PC

The most challenging World War 2 game you can play. So many things to keep track of in this game I now truly understand why general's and admiral's have staffs. The game is not perfect...yet. Paradox does do a good job of updating this game and with every update and expansion the game gets better. I highly recommend "Hearts of Iron III: Their FInest Hour" if you are history or World War 2 buff