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Great Game, Poor Platformer

drakemirow | April 5, 2014 | Review of Type Rider - PC

Type:Rider ist a beautiful little game that should be a trend-setter for how to make an interesting game in terms of actual background content. Most platformers often choose to give you very little to think about other than mastering your jumps and whatnot. This game shows how easy you can combine something with any game. History, typography, literature. It's relaxing and entertaining and has many side notes and references. From that perspective it's a must buy for everyone that's even partly interested in indie games. Though the one big complaint about the game is, that it get's quite frustrating at times and especially at the end. When it tries to be a regular platformer, which it isn't quite frankly. Your "character" are to dots that are connected to each other and very hard to handle at times so. Mostly jumping parts get annoying and I personally really had to force myself to play to the end.


This is how I like Tomb Raider

drakemirow | Feb. 8, 2014 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

I have never been quite the fan of Tomb Raider as a series. Whenever I played one of these games I could never experience the adventure in it. Most negative things I could say about past games I can relate to positive things I have to say about this game. It is gritty, full of action and references to history, there is a lot to discover and is still not just running around for puzzles and clues with the occasional jump scare (which where always a put down for me with the old games). I can see that fans of the series will not be satisfied with this game nor do people that like to roam free. There is a little bit of leveling and an open world feeling but it's not that important, you can easily beat the game without it. I really like the searchable stuff as you can discover lost notes and relics/artifacts that even make sense. Although these GPS caches could have made a lot more sense if they'd a meaning to them. But these are just minor flaws as I had a lot of fun (15 hours for now) with it and did not even touch the multiplayer or discovered everything. So you get a bunch out of it. If you can't judge yourself by videos or images: the graphics are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and atmospheric. The level design is at time less authentic but you have to disregard that for the purpose of action and suspense. I really hope they will continue the series down this road.


I am having a blast with this game.

drakemirow | Jan. 17, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

I have never been a fan of RPGs and games with too many items to choose from. So it was a shot in the dark to try out Borderlands 2. What can I say? Bullseye. It's been the fun of my (gaming) live so far and it's not looking to stop any soon. Hours of blasting fun and so many things to discover and do and it's quite hard to get tired of it. And the best part? It looks beautiful, has good humour and on top of it, i like the missions and story as well.


It's a game, not a book.

drakemirow | Jan. 17, 2014 | Review of Alan Wake Collectors Bundle - PC

... but it might be the only game that comes close to the excitement you can get from a book. It's narrative is astonishing, accompanied by beautiful graphics, well chosen musical pieces and overall an gaming experience you really should not miss out on. The additional content in this collector's edition is worth the extra spend money aswell. you get new insights and to be honest it's the way the game was meant to be "played".



drakemirow | Oct. 11, 2013 | Review of Bastion - PC

When everything breaks apart, there is still something to rebuild. While it's level design is grounded in simple minimalistic shapes there is much more fondly created details to be found in every not existing corner of this puzzled universe. a story to dwell on for a while and a graphic style so lovely and yet fierce. an exceptional exemplar of a wonderful game that is not just a cliche of a video game. a game well told.


You might want to put on your

drakemirow | Sept. 23, 2013 | Review of Brutal Legend - PC

Let's start with this: If you are sick of metal stereotypes, stay away! Because this is going to hurt! But even if these stereotypes really are old and over the top it is so much fun! So many good songs, so many good musicians, they are all in it. This is the one and only true metal video game (until further notice). Even some parts of the game that include simple strategic elements and repeating sidemissions can't stop the metal inside you. I almost jumped with joy when I met Ozzy in the game and that's just one of the many cameos that are so well done. I actually never had so much fun with a soundtrack of a game. this is tim schäfer at his brütalst.


It certainly is ... Another World

drakemirow | Sept. 23, 2013 | Review of Another World 20th Anniversary Edition - PC

While it was already a big hit when it first came out it almost has the chance to get even wider recognition especially for fans of indie games. It will take you on a journey without telling much. So you have to just delve into the strange world you will encounter. At times it can be challenging if you are used to hints and instructions but with a little imagination everyone can have his fair share of fun with this truly inspiring game. When it first came out it was already beautiful to look at but the remastered graphics add even more details and style. A must-have!


You get sucked in immediately!

drakemirow | Sept. 13, 2013 | Review of Q U B E - PC

And suddenly you are on your own. No help, no introduction, you just have to prove yourself. clever puzzles, alternating game mechanics. it's everything you want from a game that challenges you with new problems to solve from section to section. if you like portal at it's core you will most likely love Q.U.B.E. It's lack of story or direction might discourage some but it is totally worth it's time and price. took me some time and i had a blast!