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Good Game, which never made it.

dreadxp | July 8, 2013 | Review of Demigod

The Good: Demigod has beautiful maps and yes there are in fact eight maps to play this MOBA on. Each one has a stunning visual design and interesting map elements like different heights.

Another strong point are the unique heroes. There is Rook, a massive walking castle, who you can actually equip with things like a catapult tower. Also the Unclean Beast, a large monster relying on stealing life and using it to fuel its abilities is very interesting to play. Let alone the whole category of Heroes called Generals, who focus on healing or enhancing your creeps.

Demigod also adds some classic strategy-elements into the game with capturable buildings like gold mines and the ability to actively upgrade the strength of the AI-controlled minions.

The game offers a signficant single-player portion including a torunament mode and full AI-Bots of every hero.

The Bad: Demigod essentially has two weaknesses. First is the very limited amount of available heroes: only 10 (8 on release). There are only few possible team combinations. Second, while there are several maps, all are fairly small and offer little room between the lanes. This makes most games quite predictable. Demigods biggest weakness however lies in the fact that nobody is playing it. The game suffered severe server problems on release. This combined with the small amount of heroes put many buyers off the game.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a single-player moba experience Demigod is a great choice and will provide quite a few hours of fun. However, always keep in mind that multiplayer will, at best, be very limited due to the low amount of players and there is fairly little to discover in this game compared to the big names of the genre.