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A nice compromise between horro and action

drvenkman89 | Jan. 10, 2015 | Review of The Evil Within - PC

Being a huge fan of resident evil 4 I couldn't wait to get my hands on the the evil within. The story really starts to unfold after the first few chapters and was a nice departure from more tried and tested "complete all levels to reach bad guy x" as the narrative doesn't unfold in a linear fashion. The only problem I have with the narrative is the underdevelopment of certain characters and unless you find most collectables you are unlikely to get the full picture. Game play wise if you're familiar with any third person shooter you'll feel right at home with the evil within. there's not a huge list of weapons ion the game but choosing the right one for a particular enemy type is key to conserving ammo and fighting smart. The game doesn't overload you with ammo bar from a few set pieces. There is also a lite upgrade system in place to improve weapons / abilities used with the gel collected throughout the game. Visually the game is serviceable, nothing standout but no slouch either. The enemy designs are really what make this game as there are some truly twisted and terrifying encounters that will frighten and gross you out. The game isn't optimized the best it could be and i would expect most systems would be better off going for the locked 30 fps option. I have a 4gb gtx680 and after the recent performance patch I play with an unlocked frame rate and generally stay on at least on the high 40's when the actions heavy. All in all this is a good step forward for returning to a true survival horror game and for anyone that has been sorely disappointed in the route recent resident evil titles have been taking I would heavily recommend picking this title up.


A safe but brilliant prequel

drvenkman89 | Nov. 2, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

Don't be fooled by the title of my review I enjoyed Arkham origins most out of the series. In terms of game play its more of the same with some minor tweaks to combat, a few new enemy types and gadgets but on the whole doesn't stray too much from the established formula in the series previous games. The new interactive crime scenes are a particular step forward and i would be surprised if we don't see more of them in future batman games. The game definitely has some stand out set piece moments ( the firefly bridge scene for example ) and it was pleasant to see some of the lesser used characters from the DC universe get used like elctrocutioner , copperhead etc. From a visual standpoint the game is great, running on my GTX 680 4gb cranked up to max with only some frame drops when some of the physx kicks in ( I would imagine more to do with it not being properly optimized ). Having a younger more aggressive Batman definitely helped keep things fresh and Troy Baker definitely nailed Joker without doing a full on Mark Hamill impression. All in all there was a lot of skepticism going in to this game with no Conroy,Hamill or Rocksteady on board but WB Montreal have certainly managed to create a brilliant addition to the already sterling series.