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Be careful when setting up your world...

eVoPhantom | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of Dont Starve - PC

This is a challenging and frustrating game, but also a very enjoyable game although at times you really feel like the pressure is relentless! It really does pay to look up a quick guide as to what you should be doing in the first few days, winter is very unforgiving if you are unprepared. Also you should not customise the world to be too easy because the fear of being attacked and lack of resources is what makes the game fun and when you overcome or find something there is a real sense of achievement. In my first game I felt I was doing well and would capture some Bees so I could produce my own honey. I was capturing bees but forgot to put my log suit on and didn't realise how much damage the bees were doing..... I was rather embarrassingly, brutally murdered by a few bees! The developer is still adding content and I feel the price represents very good value indeed. Although I do realise the game will not be everyone's cup of tea.


Well worth the current sale price!

eVoPhantom | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of Max Payne Complete Bundle - PC

The first game is a classic, sure the graphics won't look as nice and I suspect the rose tinted glasses are helping me to forget many flaws. But overall it is a very enjoyable action game with a strong story and art style. 8/10 Max Payne 2 is my favourite of the series, I think the noir style comes through strongest in this instalment. There is a lot more polish, I am hesitant to say cinematic as that has become somewhat of taboo word in games of late. But it is a cinematic experience and a very enjoyable game. 9/10 I was worried about the third one as a lot were, with the overly bright setting shown in most previews. Just about as far away from the dark and dreary setting of the previous two games they could get, but it works. The game is excellent, is great looking visually, the controls feel spot on and the story is decent enough (if a little predictable!). 8.5/10 It is worth noting that I ran the third game with a GTX 560 on max settings and was shocked at how smooth it was.