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More of the same and almost as good...

ebao | April 9, 2011 | Review of BioShock 2 - PC

Bioshock 2 is very similar to the original Bioshock and if you enjoyed that game then you will most likely not be disappointed with this. There are a couple of changes however. Small but notable differences are the hacking minigames have been steamlined and no longer involve plumbing (which is a big positive) and new weapons and upgrades. However, not all change is for the best. The new story, while above average for a game, pales in comparison to the original (and lets face it, the original game was obviously never intended to have a sequel) and often has confusing twists that try to recapture the originals spirit but never quite get there. The other big difference is that you now play as a prototype big daddy character which obilerates any sense of fear or forboding as you play through the game. In the original, the big daddies are the big ultimate bad guy that stumble around the maps and now that you are one, everyone else just seems to be far more trivial. Finally, the adam collection from little sisters is an absoloute pain in the backside. It used to be a simple moral choice to harvest or save little sisters but now you can either instantly harvest them for adam and bad karma or spend 30 min and all your ammo protecting them while the collect the stuff which I found far too much effort to bother with. TL:DR version - A good game that slightly fails to recapture the orginals brilliance with some annoying and clunky additions and changes. These don't detract much overall though and the game is another fun blast the world or Rapture