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Remember Me

ebeaver1016 | May 13, 2014 | Review of Remember Me NA Post - PC

Remember Me takes place in the future. It is a pretty cool game because of the story. The gameplay is fun and it centers around hand to hand combat. I usually play games with a mouse and my cyber snipa game pad for precision shooting. However, since this hand to hand, I really enjoyed using my Microsoft 360 controller. The graphics are decent. They almost have a dark and eerie presents. This is fitting for the nature of the story. You get a unique ability to alter time. I really enjoyed using it, but sometimes it got to be really time consuming. You also get some pretty cool abilities that you can use in real time combat that allow you to stun enemies, disable them, blow them up, and so on. That was what made the game so rewarding for me because it made me feel so powerful. The story is unique and enticing. Keep in mind that this game is not an open world adventure. I got this on sale so i thought I got a good value.


Far Cry 3

ebeaver1016 | May 13, 2014 | Review of Far Cry 3 NA - PC

This game has amazing graphics. There is such detail in characteristics and environment. I enjoyed the game from the start all the way to the finish. There is a story that you follow. This makes it a pleasure to play. This is an open world game where you can pretty much tackle whatever you want when you want. There are a lot of side quests that you can explore. You can also improve your skills and upgrade your materials so that you can carry more items. This type of game makes me appreciate those game developers that put a lot of detail and time into the game. I feel that the game was really fulfilling and I am eager to see a sequel. I played the first and second Far Cry and this closely resembles the second one, but the third is more improved. I purchased this game on sale. I would definitely recommend this.


Hoping For ME4

ebeaver1016 | April 22, 2014 | Review of Mass Effect 3 N7 Digital Deluxe NA Origin - PC

After the game is loaded, the player gets the option to integrate their Mass Effect 2 player. The reason why this is a positive option is that it gives you the feeling like you are truly continuing on with the story. Meaning, your reputation that you worked so hard to build will still exist within this epic adventure. Another good option from this game is the ability to customize your key bindings. The game does recognize the new key bindings and integrates that within your training at the beginning of the game. This is good for players that like their controls laid out logically to their way of thinking. The game has a lot of cinematic cut scenes. The graphics are very pleasing to the eye. The gameplay involves leveling up, acquiring abilities, first person shooter, and strategy within an open world. Yes, you do have to make decisions that will affect the game. The story has the ability to pull at your emotions. So, be prepared. In my opinion, the story is so amazing in the gaming world. It is hard to find games that feel this fulfilling. You really feel like you are a hero that is on a mission.


Reminiscent of the past…

ebeaver1016 | Nov. 17, 2013 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

Max Payne 3 is a shooter game. When playing through, I was reminded of certain aspects of the original. For one thing, you still get to utilize the “bullet time” mode. If your bar is charged up enough, you can enter slow motion mode. Plus, with the modern graphics, you get to see up close what your bullet does to someone’s face. So much detail. The graphics are really good. There are moments when the music in the game gets you into the mood for battle. That is always a plus. The game is very linear and because of this, I was able to play through pretty fast. The controls take a little getting used to. I got this game on sale and I thought the purchase was worth it. This was definitely an improvement upon the original. If there is another in this series, I would definitely look into the next one.


A Must Have...No Regrets

ebeaver1016 | Aug. 25, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

Sleeping dogs is an open world game. It is a lot like Grand Theft Auto. The game also has very good graphics with popular voice overs. There is a demo that can be played however, I felt personally that the game itself was a lot better than the demo portrayed. With that being said, if you are trying to decide and are not sure, getting it on sale would make it a must have game. Most of the game is melee combat with occasional gun battles. After playing the game, I felt that it was so worth the purchase. I immediately recommended this to a friend. This game allows you to play with controller or mouse/keyboard. This is a plus. What makes this game fun is that you can do side missions that help improve your street value plus help you adjust to your newly acquired fighting moves. You also have cars that you can either get out of parking garages that are around town or you can call on valet to bring you a vehicle. Fun and addictive.


Addictive Fun

ebeaver1016 | June 26, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect NA Origin - PC

This game is very enjoyable. You get a story that keeps you entertained and involved. The graphics are also very good. You get to make decisions that influence the outcome. You can compare it to unleashing your inner dark side or becoming that heroic guy. However you choose your fate in the first Mass Effect becomes your past in the 2nd Mass Effect if you choose to upload your previous game files. It is recommended to play the next in the series because the future game makes reference to the past game and if you forget what happens, this may alter your response. I had no problem with this because I enjoyed my experience enough that I immediately went into ME2 right after. And while playing ME2 I was fortunate enough to find ME3 on sale. This is game highly recommended.



ebeaver1016 | May 29, 2013 | Review of BioShock NA Overflow 1 - PC

This game was recommended to me and in turn I would recommend it to others. This game does have good graphics and a dark morbid storyline. This makes it easy to stay focused. The story especially is worth checking out and unique. What also makes this game fun is the types of weapons and powers that come along. I felt that the game was not overly hard. Allows you to play casually and enjoyably. The game does allow you to make choices that change the way it is played. It leaves you looking forward to the next. Overall, this game is worth picking up.


A Nice Break...

ebeaver1016 | May 29, 2013 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

I normally play open world adventures. This game is more so a "ride the rails" adventure. I am glad I purchased it when it was on sale....It isn't compared to any of my favorites and didn't enjoy it enough to start playing the sequal that I also purchased. I entitled this as a "nice break" because sometimes after I play open world games, I feel somewhat exhausted. This game gave my brain a nice break. In my opinion, there isn't much to it. The playthrough gives you a nice dark thrilling story. I don't think I will openly recommend this game to just anyone. It is my belief that it would definitely have to be your style of play. For example, when I first starting playing it, I thought it was cool. So then I recommended to my gaming buddy who also likes open world style. Now I feel awkward after the playthrough because he bought the game. Fortunately for me, he got a good deal.


Addicting Adventure

ebeaver1016 | May 29, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV Steam - PC

I am a GTA fan, but even if you are guess it that any random gamer would find this entertaining. It offers optimal graphics and open world story play. Besides from your missions, you can answer dating sites via computer and go play darts, pool, go to a comedy theater (actually funny), or even go to a bar. But be careful, if you drink, it's hard to drive! The story is extensive and you can choose your destiny. I definitely felt that I got my monies worth. I played so much that my screen name always showed I was playing this game and another person I know has added it to their wishlist... review is based on my experience and I didn't have any problems with the game based on my opinion. This does require windows live, but I got over that quickly. I felt the game was worth it.


Addictive Fun

ebeaver1016 | May 25, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

Pros. This game has awesome graphics. There is room for growth and development of a the character which provides a unique experience. Cons. After you kill the enemy, their bodies stay lying around (like forever!). This (in my opinion) cheapens the environment of gameplay. I feel that after hours of gameplay and coming back around to the scene, that something would have changed,...nope...still a dead body with no crime tape or gawkers (what is this world coming to?). Another con, the bosses are a little more difficult and disrupt the flow of the "stealthy" style game.