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Great Game

edgeof101 | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Deponia - PC

Deponia is set in a beautifully Hand drawn Steampunk world Like many other Point-´n-Clickers theres bunch of puzzles and hilarious moments if your new aswell as a veteran at this genre, it wont disapoint at all Story: your a guy "RUFUS" who hates his home planet and want to doEVERYTHING to leave Deponia, For the Rich planet Elysium. Only problem is, Rufus isnt blessed with Luck, OR is he? as he meets a girl who could be "The One" so now, A Choice(s) have to be made. This is how I rate the categories: 1 to 10 Art-work: 10* (Cool Art Style, Smooth, Easy on the eyes) Story: 8* (Like a Flawless, Short-Novel) Voice Acting: 9* (Sounds Perfect, Not like they are reading or Forced) Difficulty: 8* (Mix of Normal and Hard, Can still Get Stuck) Length: 7* (Aprox: 6-8 Hours Total GAME-Time, First run) Enjoyment: 7* (Very funny once you figured out what you need) Music: 7* (A little Generic at times, Sounds good) Scenery: 8* (Steampunk, Nice environments that fits like a glove) Settings: 10* (Enough for these type of games, Voice Settings worth 3 points, Hehe) Overall: 10* (I really got what I payed for and it was better then I hoped it would ever be) Summery: 85!