Reviews by el_pelado95


The Winner Formula

el_pelado95 | Oct. 31, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

This game is awesome. The best part of it is the gameplay. The fights are very cool and it haves some new batman movements. The graphics are also pretty god, a little better than Arkham City. Other good thing is the boss fights (some too easy and other too hard, but very cool anyway). The only bad thing are the bugs and glitches. Another point to the multiplayer mode, pretty curious and fun. A great super hero game.


Jack Black: God of Metal

el_pelado95 | Oct. 25, 2013 | Review of Brutal Legend - PC

This game is from Double Fine ( the cooles game makers at the moment). You play as Jack Black, in a exellent metal land. The gameplay has two parts: the hack and slash part (pretty cool) and the "strategy" part. In this one, you control your troops and you have to destroy the enemy "base", just like the real time strategy games. Also, this mode has a little of the hack and slash component. The voices and the music are Exellent. You will find a Jack Black, a Ozzy Osburne and other great meteal gods. The soundtrack is amazing (it haves some Tenacious D songs and Def Leppard ones). If you are a metal fan, you have to buy it.


Final Fantasy for Kids

el_pelado95 | Oct. 25, 2013 | Review of Costume Quest - PC

This is a fantastic RPG of the brillants Double fine boys. The plot maybe is not so good. but the gameplay is brillant. You fight agains monsters to get candy and to save your sister. You can get some cool costumes (with special features and abilities) to fight the bad guys. Also, the jokes are pretty fun. Perfect to all ages. Cool to play it on halloween.


In loving memory of Maniac Mansion

el_pelado95 | Oct. 25, 2013 | Review of The Cave - PC

Ron Gilbert is a genius. Double Fine is a exellent company. Of course, this game is a masterpiece. The characters are just great. Each one haves his own story (someones really fun and others really sad) and his own abilities. You can only choose 3 at the moment, so you can play this game a lot of times and getting differents stories. The best part if, obviusly, the Cave. The jokes are outstanding. This is a cool game, just like the old adventure graphic games. You must play this game.


A cool tribute to Monkey Island

el_pelado95 | Oct. 25, 2013 | Review of Tales of Monkey Island - PC

This game series are pretty cool. Of course, they are not like the original and legendary monkey island. But the story is atractive and insteresting, the characters are fun and great (Guybrush is perfect). The gameplay is like all of the Telltale games, a simple and perfect executed graphic adventure. The chapters have a fine duration and the graphics are ok for the type of game. Perfect to remember the old Monkey Games.


A little step back

el_pelado95 | Oct. 23, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez The Cartel NA - PC

This game is not as good as the other call of juarez games (bound in blood was just awesome), but anyways it is a good game. The main campaign is interesting (five stars to the story) and it can be played cooperative by 3 players (online). Each player haves his own missions and story. The gameplay is also good, it is a nice FPS. You have a lots of weapons and you can shoot the two revolvers like the far west. Graphically it is excellent too (like all Techland's games). The only bad thing is the multiplayer, they are not many players to play. But, only for the single player, it is a good game.


Rocksteady did it again

el_pelado95 | Oct. 23, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

Rocksteady surprised us with Arkham Asylum. now they did it again. This game is better than his prequel. Now we can free roam in this Arkham City (big and full of secrets and challanges). The Story is exellent (five stars) and graphically outstanding (just take a look at Batman and -of course- Catwoman). Enjoy the great music and the great voices (Luke Skywalker as The Joker). The gameplay is awesome too. The fight are exellents (the movements of Batman are pretty realistic) and looks like mortal kombat. And dont forget of the gagdgets (like the batswing or some ice bombs) and the detective mode. For the characters, the history, the graphics and the music, this game deserves a 100/100.


The "LeBron James" of sports games.

el_pelado95 | Oct. 23, 2013 | Review of NBA 2K14 - PC

Long live the king Nba 2K14. The best at the moment. Graphically looks the same as 2K13, but it have some pretty cool new effects. The gameplay has been modified and now looks more realistic. The soundtrack of the game is outstanding (it haves "Get Lucky") and LeBron in the cover makes the game better. The new and old modes (now better) are exellent too. And now you can play with some Euroleague teams (like Barcelona or Olympiakos). Only for that feature i bought this game. A masterpiece.


Get over here!

el_pelado95 | Oct. 23, 2013 | Review of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition - PC

I played this game on consoles and now on PC. I have to say, this game is awesome and addictive. The graphics are exellent, each fighter looks pretty well and the effects during the kombat (like the broken ropes or the blood, and the arenas affects). The new feature, the X-Ray move, is cool (the effect is awesome). The gameplay is good as always. A little hard to start with the keyboard, but in 5 or 6 kombats we can dominate it. The history mode is atractive and interesting, and the tower of challanges give this product more hours of fun. The online works OK, sometimes (depend of the region) is hard to find someone to fight. Great game. Highly recomend it.


Parts four are always better.

el_pelado95 | Oct. 23, 2013 | Review of Hitman Blood Money Steam - PC

For me, this is the best of all the series (and i played hitman one, silent assasins, contacts -on console- and absolution). When i play this game i really feel like an assasins. The missions are so different and full of posibilites , so you can play a mission multiples times and get different ways to kill the target. The history is also exellent (i am no going to spoil anything, but you get into the white house). Gameplay: Perfect. The rating and money system (to unlock better weapons and upgrades) works exellent. The differents missions with different locations are just genius. Music: Just listen to the main theme "Ave Maria".


Telltale did it again

el_pelado95 | Oct. 15, 2013 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

This company knows how to make nice games. Just like The Walking Dead, the best part of this game is his Argument. A dark and noir story with awesome characters (exellent voices and animations), cool music and outstanding graphics (the "comic" style looks pretty good). The "choice system" is better here. Now your choices affects a bit more the main history. Just like TWD, if you like the work of Telltale, you have to buy it.


Not a Graphic Adventure

el_pelado95 | Oct. 15, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

This game is NOT a game like Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, Gabriel Knight or Leisure Suit Larry. This is an Interactive Movie. But, it is a perfect interactive movie. And one of the best of all time. The story, the characters, the enviroment, the music, the sounds effects, everything of this game is perfect. You will love Lee Everett and company. And you will cry at the end of the game (it is a fact). The only bad thing is the "choice selection". You cant change the main story of the game with your personal choices, but you can see some small changes that make you feel important. A great experience.


Detective Simulator 2011

el_pelado95 | Oct. 15, 2013 | Review of LA Noire Steam - PC

A Master Piece. 1) History: A great story, just like the noir films of the 40`s. War, Corruption, Love and Action. A dark story which you cant miss. 2) Graphics: Supreme. You must to play it. Los Angeles is perfectly recreated (from the costumes, cars, buildings, music and weapons). Real actors portrayed the character of the game, so the animations are just perfect. 3) Gameplay: Detective mode (AWESOME) + Nice shoot and cover + Great chase missions. You can interrogate the suspects, use the clues and close the case (especial mention for the quarter moon murders case). 4) Music: Just check the main theme in youtube, just like hans zimmer music. You must to play it.


Best Mafia Game Ever

el_pelado95 | Oct. 15, 2013 | Review of Mafia II Overflow - PC

This game is awesome. The graphics are supreme and it runs smoothly on a medium range computer (without any trouble). The 1940`s are perfectly recreated (costumes, cars, enviroment, buildings and even animals) and the driving gameplay is ok (maybe too easy). You can do Stealth missions or nice shoot and covers (with cool bullet effects and explosions). Extra points for the Playboy magazines. For me, an epic game.