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This game is very good.

elliotthedes | March 28, 2012 | Review of Dead Island - PC

If you like RPGs, games that is very realistic and and killing zombies with a lot of weapons such as baseball bats, pipes, katanas and many more. Than this is the game for you. If you have seen the introduction, you know that you are a person who is on the island, partying and getting drunk one night. Then you start noticing strange things, like a someone biting a security guard and someone passed out in the bathroom. You go back to your room, lock the door and pass out on the bed. The game starts on the next morning where there are many zombies and no other living people that don't want you for a snack. I like this game because it really does turn this perfect vacation spot into a bloody nightmare. I really admire how the story line is detailed and there are many surprises that lurk around every corner. In the game there are many weapons to use against zombies including melee weapons and ranged weapons. What I found really unique about this game's fighting weapons and zombie fighting was that the zombies could actually grab and bite you if you don't punch them off quick enough. Another unique thing is that you and the zombies can throw these various weapons at you. Also you can run over the zombies with vehicles! That is another fun thing to do if you don't want to follow the main quest or do side quests, just get in a truck and run over some zombies. I rated this game an 85 just for two reasons. The first reason is because there are some small but fixable bugs in the game. The second reason is that the story line goes by a little to fast for my taste. I would rate this a 93-96 if these issues didn't occur.