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The only game my fiance truly wanted to play so far

elwismw | June 18, 2015 | Review of 10 Second Ninja - PC

Title says it all. She loved it, I couldn't even work on my computer, because she was so addicted to this game. The idea of the game is very easy: you have 10 seconds to finish each level. But don't be fooled, that finishing every level just within 10 seconds limit will be enough! You need to be much faster, you need to gain stars for being super fast - that's the only possibility to unlock later stages of the game. Ok, now to details. Graphics - 2D side view game, decent graphics. Music - didn't really pay attention, but some generic computer music, as I would call it :P. Replayability- oh yes, you will replay every level several times at least. But you will WANT to do that, trust me. Plus, you will be killing yourself for being 0.01 second slower than the result needed to get 3 stars. And last, but not least - you will love every 10 seconds of this game. They will all be worth it.


You better wait for next edition...

elwismw | Dec. 31, 2014 | Review of F1 2014 - PC

IF you're not playing in any league, and you don't need to buy it, it's really better to just wait for the next edition, which supposedly should be far better than this one. I will start with the fact, that compared to previous edition, more stuff was taken out of the game, than placed IN the game. What game does that anyway? You don't have classic cars or tracks anymore. Sure, 2 new tracks were added, because they were raced in 2014 F1 schedule. But... that's mostly it. Oh, the gameplay is a little tweaked, and provides a little bit new experience. There you have it, I have wrote about all new stuff worth mentioning. Not too much, am I right? Signle player career was also messed up. No young driver tests, and what is the WORST in my opinion - you can start career in any car you like! You can even choose Mercedes in your first season and win everything. I much preferred the oldschool, where you had to climb up to eventually finish in top teams, now you have everything given from the start. Like I wrote at the beginning, if you're not a part of F1 league, and don;t have to 'upgrade' to F1 2014, you will be better off waiting for 2015, or just buying F1 2013 at much lower price.


Good P&C game, but not flawless

elwismw | Dec. 31, 2014 | Review of The Shopkeeper - PC

Is this a good game? I'd say so. If you like point & click games, you might find it intriguing. Story is interesting, although at first it's hard to understand, what is going on.Then you realize, that it's just how it meant to be. Graphics - I am no expert, but for me they look really nice. Music - hardly any in this game, but the voices on the other hand were of good quality. Shame, that you can't turn on subtitles, as I've heard, that some people had problems with hearing, what the characters are saying. I personally didn't have this problem, and I am not an English native speaker, so I wouldn't worry about it too much though. Problems - it's definitely too short, you can't really empathize with it, because as soon as you do it, it's already finished. Also, it lacks places you can visit. I just wish there was more content in it. I don't mean, it has to be 10 hour game, but beating this game, and getting 100% achievements took me 2 hours, and second hour was mostly repetitive stuff just too get all the achievements. All in all, if you're classic p&c fan, you own it to yourself, just to try that game. Otherwise, don't bother.


Fantastic complexity vs poor match mechanics

elwismw | Oct. 17, 2014 | Review of Football Manager 2014 - PC

I love this game. It's all and even more, I could be hoping for in terms of football managerial game.For years my favourite was CM 01/02, and even though I still love it, lately I am totally hooked up on FM 2014. If you like to do everything by yourself, and you are very meticulous person, prepare for spazmatic joyful reactions while playing this game. It has so much detailed content, that I can't imagine someone uses all the information he is given in order to prepare for the match. Every aspect of being a club manager is mapped to this game. This game has almost no flaws, except one... Terrible match mechanics. That's what makes every FM gamer crazy. It is no inaccurate, and makes you sometimes shout at the monitor, when you see your player standing 1 meter of the ball, and the opponent, who was 20 meters from it, gets it first. The positive side is - with every instance of FM game, it gets better. Hopefully someday we will have perfect FM :) For now, you can always switch to reading report, just like in the old days :) Just a note - FM 2014 have added new game mode, called Classic - it's just less complex version of FM. Interesting fact is, that it has cross-saves with PS VITA version of that game, so you can play your manager career at home and abroad as well :)


Play it in COOP

elwismw | Oct. 17, 2014 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Overflow - PC

The title says it all. If you want to fully enjoy this game, play it in COOP with friend/friends. So what is this game anyway? To make it short - it's a mix of FPS and RPG with a comic-like graphic. You kill bad guys, get new weapons, get your character pumped up, repeat for profit. Sounds boring? Not at all! The FPS mechanics in this game are truly awesome, and if it can be said that way... IT IS FUN TO KILL IN THIS GAME! Ha, I said it :D Also getting new perks makes you want to play more and more. Tons of missions in this game make this grind really worth it. Bosses fights are also unforgetable - each of them is unique, and you have to find his weak spots, in order to defeat him. Graphics - original, and in his way very nice. I guess it's a question of ones taste, but I personally prefere it than ultra realistic one. Music/Sounds - Sounds in this game are OK I guess - I didn't pay much attention to them, to be honest. For me, all the move, vehicles, weapons, enemies sounds are on good level, and this is all I am asking from FPS game. In summary, the game is really good. If the comic-like graphics doesn't scare you away, you will be in for a treat. Prepare for many hours of fun.


Still the best!

elwismw | Oct. 17, 2014 | Review of NBA 2K15 - PC

First of all - I am not HUGE fan of real NBA - I like watching games, but I don't care about everything that is around it. But I am a HUGE NBA 2k fan since my first played installment, which is 2k13. From that point, I was immediately hooked up with it. I like pretty much every aspect of that game. Gameplay - it is even more fluent that last year's - I was afraid, if that can be done - but they did it anyway! Yes, sometimes there are little cons when it comes to collision detection, but apart from that - no flaws. The fun from playing game is very high. Even, when you're losing, you know, that it is because you played bad, not because AI screwed you over. BTW - AI is using every opening in your defense, so you have to be focused all the time. Another step in the right direction in my opinion. Game modes - this is pretty much all you've seen before, which is not a problem for me. You can play season, franchise, follow single player to his path of glory, or be the best Team Manager in whole NBA. Can't say much of Online mode, as it is not working yet (but I am pretty sure they will fix it soon enough) Graphics - beautiful as always. Can't say much more, because for me they were always pretty insane. The players models are tweaked a little bit, especially mimics of their faces will be very familiar to the NBA fans (I especially liked D Rose :P). Music - Pharrell. I think the quality of music is comparable to that from NBA 2k13 - which was magnificent in my opinion. All in all, I highly recommend this game, whether you are new to this series, or a regular NBA 2k gamer. You will not be disappointed.


Classic adventure game

elwismw | July 3, 2014 | Review of The Shivah - PC

If you like classic adventure games, you should try this one. I know, it's a slogan widely used as a start of the review, but it just fits here perfectly. If you remember games like e.g. Broken Sword, and you enjoyed them, then you should find same type of fun here. No QTE, which I personally hate in adventure games. Graphics look like taken from the 90's game, music as well. It's not a problem though, because they are not the most important in this game (still, music selection is quite nice) What's the best in this game are plot and quite difficult puzzles. I really struggled with some of them, but that's what these types of games are about, so I guess it speaks positively about The Shivah. The only problem I see is that it is quite short - 2.3 hours maximum. But for such a small price it is still worth trying.


Finally WW I strategy for the fans

elwismw | July 3, 2014 | Review of Darkest Hour A Hearts Of Iron Game - PC

What started as a mere mod for Hearts of Iron II game, evolved into full release of grand strategy based in The Great War times! And what is more, you can enjoy the game up to Cold War times! This title is unique, mostly because of the period it is placed in. Not WW2, but WW1. You can enjoy close battles on western front between France + BEF versus the Germany, or if you prefer, see what's happening on eastern front. You can choose to play between many countries, that were somehow involved in WW1, and you can lead them where you want. The game is played on a world map. It's a Real-Time Strategy with active pause, meaning, that you can give orders while pausing the game. If you like to play strategy games, but never played any of Paradox strategies, you should deninitely try it. It's a steep learning curve, but once you get a hang on what's going on in the game, you will enjoy it very much.


Good craftsmanship

elwismw | July 2, 2014 | Review of GRID Autosport Post - PC

This game doesn't want to revolutionise racing games, nor it want's to add new, fresh ideas to it. It's still good old Grid as you know it. If you liked previous versions, then you will like Autosport as well. If you didn't, then maybe it's not the game for you. Let's start with most important aspects - gameplay and handling. The most important is of course Career, in which you can compete in 5 different racing disciplines. You don't have to compete in all of them if you don't want, which is cool. I haven't tried online yet, but from what I heard, it is fun to play with others. Handling - I will start off with saying, that I was playing with Xbox360 gamepad. I don't have a wheel, so can't say much about it. Generally, playing with gamepad is ok, maybe except for open one seaters, which are harder to handle than the rest, but still managable. When it comes to graphics, I could sum it up with one word: solid. Nothing marvellous, but nothing ugly either. All in all, it's interesting game for people that are hungry for plenty of racing. If I would have to decide once again to buy it or not, I would definitely buy it again.


Good, but not a revelation

elwismw | July 1, 2014 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

First of all, I have to admit that I was caught in the pre-release hype, that was glorifying this game, before it was even released. I am writing this review on July 2014, so over a year after the release, and I have to admit, that this game isn't 100/100. Now, I am not saying, that this game is bad - not at all! It's a very fine game and I would advise everybody who enjoys FPS to play it. It is definitely worth it. The story is interesting, the gameplay mechanics are very nice - vigors are especially cool. Also, the level design, graphics, music - everything is top notch. So what is not great? First of all - game is very linear.No room for creativity here. Also choices that you make in the game have no impact at all - so except for 1999 mode, not many reasons to replay the game after you've finished it. For me another of the cons was, that there was literally no puzzles at all - basically only shooting - it might get boring. In the end though, what matters the most is - will you have fun playing? I had. Let this be the best recommendation for you.


Stealth refined

elwismw | June 25, 2014 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

Dishonoured - yet another stealth game? Not at all! First of all - it's not necessarily a stealth game. You are free to choose, if you want to be silent assassin, or a killing monster, slashing everybody. Doesn't matter, which way you choose, you will be gifted with one of the greatest perks that you can find in games, and in my opinion the perks are, what makes this game special. And interesting world. And beautiful graphics. Freedom. Add replay ability as well here, and also... geez, there is nothing wrong with this game - except the fact, that it should be longer. But that's where Dishonoured 2 should step up, am I right?


Improved, yet not great

elwismw | Oct. 18, 2013 | Review of F1 2013 - PC

New edition, new changes, but let's be honest - no revolution. Yes, the steering system is slightly changed, graphics improved, grand prix + classics added. But other than that - same old F1 game. Career mode, which should be the most important and enjoyable, is quite boring. Nothing new added here. Multiplayer looks most fun as usual, but for the time I am writing this review - it has many bugs. Patches needed. In my opinion, Codemasters didn't put enough effort into this edition, but let's face it - it's still the best F1 game there is. No doubt about it.