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Unpolished and Lack of

emdechavez | May 9, 2013 | Review of SimCity NA Origin - PC

Upgrading the aging Simcity series is a must for the gaming community. However, this turned out into disappointing game. Simcity features a modern look that amazes and attract players to play the game. The graphics is a major overhaul from the 2D engine it had. 3D modelled buildings and smoother animations of cars and pedestrians truly provides a realistic feel to the game. Controlling the city is much more simplistic and plotting new buildings and zones have never been easier. There are also downsides to this game. Compared to the other Simcity games, cities in the new Simcity are scaled down to a minimum, and this causes difficulties in managing the city's growth. Unlike other games, Simcity requires constant connection to the internet. Due to the amount of problems and glitches, most of the features are currently disabled, causing this game to lose focus on its core features and result to unstable outcomes to many players. The game still requires a lot of attention from the creators and major patches still need to be implemented before the game is fully playable. As of now (9 May, 2013) Patch 3.0 has been released, fixing some of the broken aspects of the game. However, some important aspects of the game is still broken. Overall, This game shows a lot of potential and awesome concepts that would make it one of a kind. If Maxis plays their cards right, by bringing most of the traditional aspects of the game back, then the upcoming game of the series will be much more successful.