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A Compelling Experience mired by technical issues

endtropy | Aug. 20, 2013 | Review of Papo Yo - PC

As a gamer now into my 30's I find my tastes have changed and the games I talk about and become nearly zealots for has shifted dramatically. Mechanics are important, new ideas and tight controls, graphics, etc. These things are all important but the games I end up talking about with people that don't play games are more like Papo and Yo. I would never sell you on this game because of the amazing platforming, mind blowing puzzles, or amazing graphics (for those see Rayman, Anti-Chamber, and Crysis 3). Instead, Papo and Yo is much more about the journey and how you respond to it. If you do respond to it, the technical glitches, repetitive puzzles, and lackluster graphics fade away into being nothing but background noise to the real story. Some people simply won't connect and everyone has a different life growing up. For me, Papo and Yo is a game that stayed with me long after it was over. It's certainly not for everyone, but then again not everyone likes Teenage Vampire Romance stories (nor should they). For me, point being, familiarize yourself a little bit with the premise of the game and it's setting and if that piques your interest, it's worth the investment. If not, taken simply on it's mechanics as a game, you are better going elsewhere. Love Papo and Yo for all the risks that it takes that have nothing to do with it's gameplay, do not scorn it for it's mis-steps, they are truly trivial in the context of it's bigger picture.