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Great Idea- Rough implentation

ethunter90 | Sept. 5, 2013 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

Total War: Rome 2 is a return to the series roots. With impressive graphics and the ability to combine naval and land assaults, the game is truly a wonder. Many moments in game I just stared watching my armies fight to the death. The new user interface helps to simplify the complex strategy game and is more forgiving to new players. However, explanations about characters traits and many game play items are hard to come by which leave the player guessing for hours of game play (this comes from a veteran player of the series). On launch day, the game is plagued with bugs, long loading times and game crashes. Creative Assembly has pledged to fix these, but for many players this game is unplayable. The bottom line is Rome 2 took on ambitious goals that ultimately weighed down the game. I would not expect it to be in it's form for at least a month.