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A very nice game

euskalnono | Nov. 5, 2013 | Review of Splinter Cell Blacklist - PC

I've played all the Splinter Cell games and this one may be the best one. You can play your own style and still be rewarded. Of course, and fortunately, the reward depends on the style. So being unoticed grants the best reward. But still, you can shoot everyone if that's why you bought the game. Between these two styles, there is another one: eliminate silently the guards, one by one. A very good idea to me ! The single campaign is really not bad, and long enough to interest you until the end. One VERY BIG FLAW for me: the interface to select the missions is very bad. I understand the good thought to present on a global map all the missions, but it is poorly done. It is then a nightmare to start again the campaign missions in the right order. I've played during a short time the Multiplayer. It is quite fun. One good idea is that you can earn money you can invest for the single campaign (and vice-versa). However it doesn't have a lot of different game types. Finally the co-op campaign has the merit to exist. I'm not a big fan since it's quite hard to find a serious mate to play with. But if you already got a friend, I'm sure it is a lot of fun (but difficult too !!!). Anyway, it is for me a very good game, quite complete. Hope the series will continue that way, without the few bugs and re-thinking the interface.