Reviews by fabiotp91


A great survival game

fabiotp91 | Aug. 25, 2013 | Review of Dont Starve - PC

Don´t Starve is a hard game, that´s a fact, it´s a hard game which you will learn to enjoy a lot as soon as you start to notice all the things that you can do in the game, since killing monsters, to various type of crafting and even the amount of exploring that there is the game! This game shows a beatifull and unique art style that just for it, it deserves an award, the game trully is beautifull and has a wonderfull gameplay that can serve to anyone and every play style. In this game you just have to embrace the world around you and discover everything that you can to survive... or die.


The sequel to a beautiful and enormous game

fabiotp91 | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

For everyone who has played Just Cause 1 we all know the world that Avalanche makes, the landscapes that it shows you, and the real definition of open world that this game has, Just Cause 2 explores even more that definition bringing an enormous open world for you to explore, destroy and engage in the most variable ways possible, you can travel by plane, bike, car or grapple-cable, the useful tool unique in Just Cause takes this game to another level of fun making you explore new ways to defeat your enemies and even making traps for them! If you enjoyed Just Cause 1, don´t even think twice, Just Cause 2 is the ultimate experience of open-world games!


Unique game that innovates a genre

fabiotp91 | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Tiny Big Grandpas Leftovers - PC

Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers has the unique art style, the unique funny story and the unique gameplay, the game marks itself with the possiblity to make you change every level destroying it to solve your way to reach your path or even to defeat enemies, it´s a very funny game, very enjoyable too, this game truly deserves a sequel, i recomend very much for you to take a ride in this world that just brings you joy and hours of fun and engaging gameplay!


A game that makes some AAA bad with how good this game is!

fabiotp91 | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Bastion - PC

If you are not a person with an open mind with games then don´t try this, you will think that this game wasn´t made for today´s generation, and you will hate this. But the truth is that this game chooses a play style which isn´t as mainstream as it was some years ago (isometric) and makes it a masterpiece and a fully one time experience that you wont get at any other game! This game deliveries it, and does it very well, the art style, the music, the gameplay, everything works together like i´ve never seen before! Just get this game and experience what I have and a lot of people that have played it, and you´ll be sure that Bastion breaks the rules of gaming with a brand new aproach to storyteling.


This is how a trully Max Payne sequel is done!

fabiotp91 | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

I have completed every Max Payne made till today, and i have to admit, this one really serves you well! The story is awesome and emerging, making you get a taste at every part of it, till the very end when you have all the answers! In terms of gameplay, it has to be one of the best games i have played to this date, everything is well balanced but the way you fell your character when you´re controlling it, is without a doubt one of the best experiences i´ve ever had! Even if you like to play with a controller or with a mouse and keyboard your experience will never be bad! This game even has a multiplayer option for when you complete the main story so that you can have even more fun playing it with your friends online. Bottom line, i recommend this game to anyone that wants a good story driven, with a well balanced action and shooting game.