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It appROACHes!

fedaykin6 | Nov. 18, 2013 | Review of Journey of a Roach - PC

This adorable little roach was born as a result of a union between Koboldgames and the by now well-known Daedalic. The game, reminiscent of the classic Bad Mojo, has a humorous, cartoony style and boasts a cast of cute as well as scary characters such as flies, ants, centipedes, spider moms and of course roaches and many others. They have all survived the nuclear holocaust, but life must go on in the wasteland, so it is your task as a little roach to get to a lonely flower blooming in the dust. On your perilous journey you face a typical series of point-and-click puzzles, but with a twist: roaches need not restrict themselves to the floor. Many locations and objects require you to crawl into otherwise inaccessible spaces. This neat feature is not exploited to its fullest potential, but is nonetheless refreshing in what would otherwise be a pretty standard (and short) PnC adventure game.


More of the same

fedaykin6 | Nov. 18, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 post - PC

Most people probably didn't expect to see anything new in Battlefield 4 and they didn't. It has the same (excellent) graphics, the same gameplay, the same pace. The single player campaign is shorter and more generic this time around. The multiplayer design has had marginal improvements. You can play as the commander, although there's little reason to do so. Jets no longer start on the ground, which prevents annoying snipers from taking you out as soon as you spawn in the cockpit. The game now rewards you somewhat more for useful actions. However, the maps are still rather small and battles tend to devolve into senseless chaos. You spawn, you die. The new CS-like defuse game mode is a horribly bugged mess. Most of the issues that were present in the MP at launch have been fixed, but all in all this iteration has definitely disappointed quite a lot of people.


Beautiful and interesting

fedaykin6 | Nov. 17, 2013 | Review of Contrast - PC

Contrast is a puzzle game where your main objective is to merge with shadows in order to accomplish a variety of tasks. This central mechanic is beautifully realized thanks to the Unreal Engine's lighting system which allows you to seamlessly become part of the game's dynamic shadows, move across or through them, and sometimes even bring needed objects into the shadow world with you. The game is a mixture of third person adventuring, puzzle solving and 2D platforming. The world is occasionally open to limited exploration, but becomes linear whenever story progression requires it. While the variety of puzzles is not big, they never become too repetitive and are consistently satisfying to solve, despite never being very complex. Contrast's mixture of noir and art deco style, coupled with excellent music, makes it a beautiful, atmospheric and artistically rich experience. The voice acting deserves some recognition, especially the part of Didi. The story is fairly straightforward and doesn't attempt to surprise you, but is nevertheless effectively told for the most part. However, the abrupt and anti-climactic ending of the game makes it feel somewhat incomplete, as if the writer had suddenly run out of ink. There are no major bugs, but some quirky behavior occurs during the platforming, which is par for the course in Unreal Engine 3 games. Trial and error is sometimes required, but thanks to the player controlled character's brisk pace the puzzle-solving doesn't become a chore.