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Maybe not a new "Maniac Mansion" but still a shiny gem

feelingtheblank | July 5, 2013 | Review of The Cave - PC

Expectations are quite high if the topic is Ron Gilbert, the mastermind behind the adventure classics like Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle... The Cave is his last piece of hilariousness. While it doesn't manage to make a room for itself along these grand classics, surely becomes a very precious gem in our current gaming climate. Great concept, cool story full of sophisticated dark humour where you are going to explore your darkest desires, clever puzzles, hilarious dialogues, colourful and vivacious graphics, nice level designs, fun gameplay which combines platforming and adventure-esque gameplay, and really interesting back stories, personalities and special skills for each of 7 characters. The Cave has its own problems however. Like having too much backtracking along some levels which hurts the replay value a bit. Also if you play the game alone you may find switching between characters a bit tiresome, since you are going to control 3 of the characters at the same time. The Cave really shines if you experience this adventure with some friends. But not having an online co-op feature is a serious downside unfortunately. All in all the game is a great value and a must play if you enjoy puzzle-platformers with dark humour and interesting story which it has something to say. Even it's worth paying the full price.


It looks and feels a lot better after the patches

feelingtheblank | July 3, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines - PC

We all know what happened with the long awaited, over-hyped Aliens: Colonial Marines. Even my 4 years old nephew heard the story. I don't want to reopen the old wounds. It was a really huge disappointment for all of us for sure. What I want to say is; after all of those huge patches- total of 10GB- now the game looks and feels a lot better. Well, maybe still not close that we saw in E3 videos back in the day. But it's cleary a different game now and deserves the attention from all Alien fans. First of all graphics are improved. The game is a lot more darker now, like it's supposed to be in the first place. And with the contribution of better lightning, better textures, better character models and a lot better Alien animations, the game feels really creepy. At least most of the times.:. Also the AI has been improved a lot. You can clearly feel that even at the first encounter. No more stupid Aliens crawling around waiting to get hunted. Now you feel that they are lurking everywhere and you are the pray now. Story still makes no sense though. But there isn't anything can be done for that at this point. And it's not "that bad" at all, offering enough tension and mystery to keep you play. On the other hand multiplayer is alive and well...


Ambitious But Avarage

feelingtheblank | July 3, 2013 | Review of Mars War Logs - PC

Mars: War Logs is surprisingly ambitious game with some really good ideas but falls short in execution at the end of the day. First of all, an idea of an RPG sets in Mars is really interesting since there isn't a lot of title takes us there. Overall atmosphere is cool and the "plot" is somewhat intriguing with all those conflicts, conspiracies and myths going around Mars. Almost makes you feel in the game. But the story is a bit flimsy, and even though there are some interesting and funny conversations the quality of voice acting is way below mediocre even for an indie title which destroys the immersion at very key moments. On the other hand, character interactions are good and even amusing sometimes. Also you can clearly feel that the choices you made effect the game. Not only by conversations but also the way you choose to handle enemies. Combat resembles Witcher 2. It's harsh and unforgiving at times. But lacks depth, polish and fluidness. On the other side the crafting system allows you to enhance the effects and appearance of the armors and weapons that you use with the materials that you can find around, which is a really good thing. But don't expect a deep system here. There are also some useful bunch of abilities to unlock while levelling. There's even a stealth approach that is viable every now and then. But overall; the combat get repetitive after a short while. While animations are subpar the game looks good enough to convince you that you are in Mars. Environments aren't vast or full of rich details but they are well-crafted in general. Given the game's price the minor issues can be forgiven here. This is not a triple-A title after all. But overall it's satisfying. Talking about content, the game offers around 9-10 hours of avarage gameplay including most of the side quests, which is not great for RPG-standards maybe but is good enough for today's gaming climate. On the other hand quality of this content is a mixed bag. While some of the quests are fun and straightforward, some of them are really tedious that include a lot of boring backtracking or searching through numerous piles of garbage hidden around. Lack of quality writing for majority of the side-quests makes you skip most of them after a while. Like i said before, Mars: War Logs is an ambitious game that trying to gather all good elements from Action and RPG blockbusters but falls short in execution that lacks depth and optimization in many of its features, But its still not a bad game. There is still something worthwhile here. Like its convincing sci-fi atmosphere with slight cyberpunk sauce... If you are into this wait for a nice discount.