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Papo & Yo - great story and what else?

feelingz | May 7, 2013 | Review of Papo Yo - PC

Alone and trembling with fear, the small Quico cowering in the corner of a dark room. Outside recognize the outline of the monster his father. In the hope of not being discovered, suddenly a portal in the wall, which enters Quico appears. This is the fantasy world, take refuge in the children happy. Here Quico can face the monster and together they can achieve the goal, the frog addiction, which of course stands for the alcohol problem, to escape. You control the world by Quico and tears in the truest sense of the word walls. Everywhere there are mechanisms that allow the new stairs appear or move boxes. While you pursue a mysterious girl, who at the meeting with Vander Caballero at Gamescom, his first girlfriend to pose on demand. I suspect that this was him in his difficult childhood very much to the side and was always there for him when he needed it. In addition, a toy figure plays an important role because it enables you from distant positions, hit switches and thanks jetpack to overcome smaller distances. Then met her monsters, you soothed him with coconuts and let him follow you. But you should take you to beware of the poisonous frogs. Once a monster has devoured it, he gets angry and goes after you. There's only a rotten coconut to bring him to his senses. The tasks in Papo & Yo are very varied design, even if they are all connected somehow. The way the game is clearly defined, even if you should not get stuck, you can draw you a help box over his head. This will tell you some information about riddle. From time to Swivel be made into reality in which you learn more about the history of father and son in short sequences. The graphics are pretty to look at, the areas are similar to South American neighborhoods. Unfortunately, there are minor errors in the game, so it may be that once you get stuck in front of an invisible wall, but you can avoid all this, fortunately. So you have to not be afraid that the game flow is interrupted. The tunes in the game fit perfect in my opinion the game, each unique in their own way. Even if one is not technically now at the cutting edge, thus creating Papo & Yo is a very special way to captivate you, you want to know how it goes.