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Good and gripping story line.

fenhri | Jan. 4, 2014 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

This game has a really good intro to the story which gives you a feel of actually experiencing what is happening in the game as if you were reading a book. A book tells a story better than most of the games by far and Alan Wake has acheived the same kind of quality when it comes to the story line and how it gets a grip of you. After the first few encounters, I was hooked on this, I couldn't stop playing and had to finish it to see what happends next. I rarely experienced any fps-drops during the bigger events in the game such as when crows storm at you or when the game throws barrels or destroy a huge objects. I found it a bit hard a times though since the enemies had a weird angle where they came from when I was trying to prepare for a fight but was caught off guard very easilly. However, the game is not impossible nor too easy, it's kind of balanced and solid. The game mechanics such as the flashlight, guns, flares and so on are somewhat cool and at the same time boring. The cool part is that you need to flash light on the enemies to make them vulnerable, the boring part is that you just have to shoot them down, as always... The setting of the game makes it perfect to play when you're in a dark room with good sound since it will help you get more into the game a lot. Overall this is a very solid game and is a must buy!