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Good Game

ferratus | Aug. 23, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

An excellent game to play with friends, and will provide you and your friends hours of adventure. it will also challenge you to come up with your own spells and combination of elements to make your spells more powerful or better tailored to your current needs. I deeply enjoyed this game and found myself challenged by it at points. The reason I gave it an 80 instead of something higher is for a number of small reasons. If it hadn't been for these issues I would have given it a score of around 93. The reasons: I did not feel that the spells were balanced and found myself just using the biggest spells instead of trying to figure out something better depending on the enemy, and because of this I felt rather limited in what I could actually do. The next issue I had was that you lost your whatever weapon you were using at the time as soon as you died. Now normally I would not complain about this, but due to the fact that it becomes a chaotic mess of spells when you play with a group of people and suddenly friendly fire starts happening and those awesome weapons are no longer yours. Lastly I was upset that there was no way to go back to get one of the books if you missed it earlier on. For instance let us say you walk right by the book to allow you to teleport and then you beat that part of the story, now you have no way to go back and get it so you are now stuck without that spell for the remainder of the game. The game's humor is really what is the selling point is. I laughed so much at the expense of the little wizards. There were so many moments that just made you chuckle.