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ffrreeaakk | April 19, 2011 | Review of Commandos Behind Enemy Lines - PC

The year is 2011 and I've just finished Commandos for the first time in my life :D This game is amazing - it was a great experience and proves you don't need great 3d graphics to make a great game. It's difficult, requires a lot of planning, but getting rid of nazis gives great satisfaction. You control a group of Commandos. Each of them has different skills and abilities. Together they can cooperate to silently infiltrate enemy bases but that's your responsibility to command them wisely. Blow up the dam, sabotage a radar station, free the prisoners, destroy german submarines and blow up enemy HQ, launch torpedoes to sink the cruiser, assassinate german general and prevent the launch of V2 rockets - these are just some of your tasks. Reading about it is exciting. Being a part of these operations is a truly amazing experience.


Still great!

ffrreeaakk | April 7, 2011 | Review of Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty - PC

It still good, old Commandos but with new missions, new vehicles, new weapons and abilities. It's shorter but even a bit more difficult than the first one. Visit island in the Pacific Ocean, desert and even a ZOO! Blow up a lighthouse, free a hostage and steal german superweapon - sound like fun :D The game is pretty much the same with all its advantages and disadvantages. Voice-acting is worse :( If you loved the first one, this one will give you the same but more! Enjoy!


Nice and challenging

ffrreeaakk | April 7, 2011 | Review of Safecracker - PC

If you love logic games, puzzles, ciphers, IQ tests and mechanisms you have to play this game. It's very challenging but that's what make it fun! Gather clues, think and break safes to get clues how to break another one, totally different mechanism. Seems easy but it isn't. Game is slow paced yet very enjoyable. Don't expect great special effects, interactions with people or great story. You love solving puzzles and you think you're good? This game will make you doubt it. :)



ffrreeaakk | April 7, 2011 | Review of Syberia - PC

All of us have dreams, but not everyone pursues them. Beware, when the dreams come true you won't be willing to return to real life. Kate Walker's job turns into a fantastic journey that will change her life forever. As Kate Walker you will visit many truly amazing places. Beautiful music will make you dream and ending will make you cry. It's a classic point and click adventure game with great graphics, challenging but not difficult puzzles and unique plot. It's a perfect adventure game! Are you ready to pursue your Syberia?