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fiddy187 | March 6, 2014 | Review of South Park The Stick of Truth POST (1) - PC

Got this game on release after all the hype it got over the past year or two. I'm probably after putting in 8 hours in one day, all of which has been exploring the world, rather then doing quests. The game is full of classic golden South Park moments. The battle system takes a few tries to get use to, but once you've got it down, it's quite good. The world is pretty big. A lot bigger then I would have thought. I spend the majority of the time walking around, checking out houses, and getting some loot, and I still haven't gotten around everywhere yet. I've only had one bug so far, which was with a ladder, and was fixed by just re-loading the last save point. I've been playing the game on my average (at best) Dell laptop. It's been able to run the game without a single problem, which I was really happy about. I'd imagine that this game would run quite well on 90% of machines, as it doesn't seem to take much to run it. I can't say much about the story just yet, as I've only done a small portion of it. So far, it's been quite good. Funny moments, mixed with good gameplay, and decent story. Definitely worth getting. Can see my hours of fun with this one.


Never play a FF game before!

fiddy187 | Feb. 21, 2014 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn Post - PC

I purchased FF-XIV Online after watching one of my friends play it for an hour or so. Before this, I had never played, or watched any sort of FF game. To begin with, you're run around on some small quests to get your barrings with the game. Simple stuff, can't really go wrong. After finishing a handful of quests, you can decide for yourself what you want to do. You can contniue on the main story quest line, or go for some side quests and build up money (guill) and exp. You can also choose to do nothing, and just spend your time killing as many small creatures as possible. I started out with the latter. I farmed may way to lvl 10 doing so. From here, I began doing some story quests, and evenly found myself in a higher ranking area, where I could do some side quests worth a lot more exp. My main problem with the game is definitely the map. More specifically, finding the way-point to quests. I find myself getting lost a lot trying to find the correct way. It could just be me, but I found it very difficult to follow. Other then that, the game is brilliant. I have experienced some minor bugs here and there, but nothing I can't deal with. I find at peak times in some areas, you can get hit hard on FPS with the amount of users running around, and casting spells. Worth watching out for. This problem is gone the second you leave the area however, so nothing to worry about. One personal complaint I have, is the armor/clothing you get early on. It simply looks awful! Once you get to lvl 20+ you get stuff that will actually look nice, but until then, you're going to be running around in dresses, in weird colours (unless you dye it yourself of course) All together, this game is brilliant! The Pay-to-play model is a bit dated in this day and age, but even still, it's a very enjoyable play. The pricing per month isn't awful, and you get a free month with your purchase anyway. If you're a fan of RPG games, you'll have no problem paying the price. Well worth buying! Highly recommended!



fiddy187 | Feb. 21, 2014 | Review of Car Mechanic Simulator - PC

Lately simulator games have been coming thick and fast onto the market, with it being trendy to play them on YouTube. Most are of a very low standard. Be it poor gameplay mechanics, bad graphics, or just terrible all around. Car Mechanic Simulator however, is none of they above! Just like all games, Car Mechanic Sim isn't for everyone. I personally I have a huge interest in cars. I found the gameplay quite easy to follow, and ran into no problems. However, at times, I did wonder would someone who isn't as up-to date with car work as I am, understand what to do? I'm sure many people had trouble because of this, but even still, it's not really the games fault. The gameplay is very enjoyable. You feel a sense of achievement when you've fixed someones car. The test driving section of the game, isn't great. Driving mechanics were clearly not a focal point on this game. Career mode will keep you entertained for a few hours, then you can get stuck into endless mode, if you so wish. Endless mode will throw a whole host of different problems at you from the get go. Were as the career will have you completing small jobs to begin with before tackling the more difficult stuff! All and all, Car Mechanic Sim is a welcome breath of fresh car into the simulator world. Fun gameplay, interesting concept, and good graphics make for an all around enjoyable experience. Well worth paying the low price tag!



fiddy187 | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Just Cause Steam - PC

I bought this game twice. Once when it came out for the xbox, and again for the PC more recently. The game is just a lot of fun, just like JC2 is. It's not about the realistic-ness, but rather the fun of driving/parachuting/flying around killing people, liberating areas, following a decent story. At the time of purchase the graphics were really nice. It's been a few years now, so no longer as nice, but it can be forgiven by most i'm sure. I put a lot of hours into this game first time around! Spending lots of time just having as much fun as possible! If you're looking for a little fun, and something to kill time, JC is worth a look!


Great fun

fiddy187 | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of DiRT 3 - PC

I've been after a decent racing game for a long time now. The last racer I enjoyed was Forza 3. I played the first Dirt for a few hours when I friend came over. I enjoyed it a lot, but never bothered going out and buying it. I didn't hear much about the Dirt releases so never really considering buying it. When Dirt 3 went on sale for a great price during the 666 sale, I snapped it up to give the series another go. The game has many pros and cons. Thankfully, the pros outweigh all. I'll start with it's downfalls. First off, the DLC is a little annoying to say the least. It stops you from getting 100%. The DLC cars are also annoying in a way. All of this content seems to be already on the game as is, so really you're just paying more to get a full game. Many gaming companies are doing this lately, and I personally can't stand it. Another downfall is that the each race you get too many rewinds. Makes finishing in first in almost all races very easy. One of the worst parts, for me, is the voice acting. Simply terrible. If that guy calls me amigo again, I'll go mad! On the other side of things, the game is very enjoyable. I often found myself sinking hours at a time into it, getting sucked in to all the racing events, beating big name racing drivers, racings in cool places, the xgames! Lots of fun stuff! The cars you unlock as you go are great! Always tried my best to get as much driver rep. as possible to unlock new cars! The driving can be difficult at times. You have to put time into considering what way to setup you're car for different events, weather, and as much speed as possible. Game is definitely worth trying out. Even if you don't really enjoy racing games, it's worth a look.



fiddy187 | July 3, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nexway (1) - PC

I've never been a fan of RPG games. I attempted several times to get into a number of different ones, including Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas. All of which, failed to capture me, and ended up gathering dust. The hype behind Skyrim was huge. Ads on TV, forums online posting in excitement, and word of mouth. All spreading the word of how amazing this game was too be! So much talking, that I began to anticipate the release. Generally, whenever I do get excited for a games release, it turns out to be a let down, as it never lives up to what I want/hope. Thankfully, that all changed the day Skyrim was released. One of the first games I purchased for my newly built PC, I wouldn't wait to turn everything to max, and sit in awe at the amazing-ness of everything. To this point, I was a console gamer, so you could probably imagine the huge jump! The story, the gameplay, the customization, the side quests. Everything is just amazing! I've found myself playing for 8+ hours at a time. I could sit down and begin to play. In what feels like a blink of an eye, it could be morning! I've always found myself saying "just one more quest/dungeon/dragon/etc, then I'll get some sleep" - We all know how that works. Before you know it, it's several hours later! I can stress it enough of immersed you will be in this game! The story starts with you and other prisoners, on the way to be put to death. Just as you're about to be killed, a dragon crashes into a building, and begins to cause chaos all around! You almost instantly are forced to make a choice that will effects the secondary quest. You soon find out, that you're the Dragonborn, and you must save the world. The main story quest is quite long. With the side of the map, and the areas you will need to visit to complete it, you could spend 20+ hours on this alone. However, side quests are where it's all at! The main story is great, but the side quests can range from something simple and pointless, to long, mulit hour quests with great stories. Added to that, the DLC which is available for Skyrim, and you have 100s of hours of gaming on your hands! Mods are huge for this game still. One which stood out from the crowd for me, was the development of an online mod. Not sure if it was cancelled, or if it's finished, as I haven;t looked into in in a few months, but It was a very interesting mod! Lots of improvements were planned, hopefully the mod is still active, and people reading this review can check it out for themselves. Other graphic/performance/visual improvments are also available directly from the steam workshop. Some forums feature some amazing amounts of mods that will more a less make skyrim look real! Worth looking out for some useful mods on the workshop. Still a very active stop. For me, this game was perfection. It was the game I wanted for years. Hours of fun, great story, etc, etc. Well worth picking up!



fiddy187 | July 3, 2013 | Review of Laxius Force - PC

I picked up Laaxius Force at a very cheap price following a surprisingly high rating from it's players. Considering it's price, it wasn't much of a risk. If I was to judge it by it's screenshots, I would have passed this up in a heart-beat. Thankfully, I looked passed it, to discover an amazing game! The game reminds me of the Pokemon series in a way. Top down, simple graphics, 8-bit sounds, etc, etc. However, it has a mix of Final Fantasy in terms of it's fighting style. Very hard to imagine, but I must say, it works well in this game! The story is a very interesting one. The story of two warriors if you will, fighting against "The Order" - One being "Kratin" a skeleton, who has been cursed, and the " Djarma". I have never previously heard of this series of games, so it was a welcome surprise to find such a gem at a cheap price. Currently, I haven't put much time into the game, but I plan on really sinking my teeth into this. The story, and characters already have me captured. Add to that it's interesting gameplay style, and funky, old-school graphics and sound, I'm very excited to see what this game has for me! Well worth a purchase, not matter what price!



fiddy187 | July 3, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV Steam - PC

Grand Theft Auto has long been one of my favorite series of games. I can remember all the way back to GTA London. I loved everything about it back then. Shooting, driving, missions, and a whole lot of fun! The introduction of 3D graphics into the Grand Theft Auto series was huge! GTA 3 saw a new age of sandbox gaming arrive, and most people loved every second of it. Being a violent game, questions were asked about if it was ok to have on the market. I re-call several radio stations locally calling for it's ban. Thankfully, nothing happened, and everyone was able to enjoy their game. GTA IV was a big step in the right direction for the series. The driving physics alone added quite a bit to the game. Previous games, in comparison now-a-days fall well short! The graphics really made everyone take a step back! Pushing both High end PC's and consoles to the very limit! The story behind GTA IV is an interesting one. Playing at Niko, an immigrant who has come to America to join his cousin, and follow the "American Dream" - His cousin, "Roman" fills his mind with wonderful stories about America. He fails to tell Niko that he's poor, has a gambling addiction, and is in trouble! This doesn't faze Niko, as he meets new people, finds out everyones troubles, and meets them head on, in an action packed story. One of the best in the Grand Theft Auto series. A huge bonus for the game is the length it will take to complete the game. Even if you focus on only doing the main story, and don't have fun killing cops, stealing cars, or going on dates, you're still likely to put around 30-40 hours into the single player. In my first play-through, I clocked 62 hours, which included some fun! GTA IV was the first Grand Theft Auto to be released on consoles with multi-player. PC players and fans of the Grand Theft Auto series will re-call that GTA SA came with online multiplayer, but this was during a time that the internet wasn't as widely available to everyone. GTA IV's online play adds a whole new step to an already near perfect game! With tones of fun mission type game modes to choose from, you can easily sink another 50 hours into the online modes alone, and not get bored! With the PC widely praised for it's modding capability, it wasn't long before users began creating fun, exciting, and interesting mods for GTA IV. The most notable for me, was a full mod for playing GTA IV, as a police officer! WIth 1000s of mods to choose from, again, i can see 50 or more hours being put into this side of the game, even after you've finished your single player story, and had enough of the normal online game modes on offer. All in all, GTA IV was a great game from Rockstar. The wait for it's release was a pain, just like it currently is for GTA V, but in the end, not many people can say they're disappinted with this installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we're all looking forward to the next!