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Very enjoyable game!

firehandpl | Nov. 9, 2013 | Review of How to Survive - PC

When I heard about this game first time, I was really happy. I am in love with horror games, especially with those about zombies :). How to Survive have fully satisfy me. This game is very fun to play, it's graphic is good, it's also well optimised. On my 5 years old pc it worked on medium settings with 60 fps all the time. Storyline of this game is quite good, but it didn't have any twists or anything I wasn't expecting. It wasn't also that long, it took me 9 hours to pass whole game with Kenji, my favourite character. Even though I passed the game, I still want to play some more, because the are different skill trees for all characters, so you can complete game a few times and you won't be bored. 11$ for that much of fun and joy is nothing.