Reviews by florindo


The Best Thing Since San Andreas.

florindo | May 14, 2013 | Review of Saints Row 2 (1) - PC

Many will tell you bad things about this game, a bad port, bad graphics, etcetera. Yet, it is vastly superior to SR3 *and* GTA 4, the city is just huge, there lots of missions, the side activities, oh! every since GTA SA I've never had so much fun doing random stuff, or just walking around trying to discover unlockables. Get a mate and fire up some coop, I guarantee that you both will be laughing all over the place in one of the best online coop experiences out there. As for the stability problems, google the 'gentleman of the row' mod and you will find several fixes to most of the game's problems. Oh, and the sound track, best thing since the legendary Vice City's, so there is little or no reason to get this asap!


A fun and challenging TD game.

florindo | May 13, 2013 | Review of Sanctum - PC

If you are into tower defense games, you need to check sanctum, enough said. The controls are easy to master but the game will offer enough challenges and will keep you occupied for hours through it's variety of maps, enemies, towers and weapons to use. How you play in every step of the map will affect your ability reach the end and win. The mixture composed of chosen towers and weapons, upgrades and your skill to shoot at the enemy will determine your success in this unique game. Recommended.


The First Ace Combat to land on PC.

florindo | May 13, 2013 | Review of Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition NA - PC

Every long time and hard core fan of the Ace Combat series will admit this is not the high point for the franchise, it was unfortunate that NAMCO chose this as the entry point to bring it to the PC platform. But hey, all the fast paced jet fighting goodness is still here!!! The missions in the single player campaign are solid and varied, while the story is as unforgettable as it can be, you will face a variety of challenges in huge maps which will often having you rushing around to squish every second you can to successfully accomplish the mission. Now, multiplayer, man, it is so frigging good, you get three modes, Conquest, you have to overcome your enemy's defenses to gain the ability to strike their HQ, but it goes deeper and the team that wins in the end is the one that retains better control of the strategic positions. Next comes domination, your standard domination match in which you have to gain and retain control of set points in the map for a given amount of time. Both modes will require you to wage war on both land and ground. And finally, deathmatch, standard issue deathmatch, the most boring for me but also a quick way to unlock the dozens and dozens of perks and skins available. In the end, get it for the multiplayer matches, they are really exciting!