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The best CoOp of the year

fragen | April 7, 2012 | Review of Saints Row The Third - PC

Coming from Saints Row 2 I wasn't really expecting much of Saints Row 3 due to the bad PC-port Saints Row 2 had. But Saints Row 3 just runs perfectly, and have a beautiful port. On to the game, now, I completed the game in CoOp because I found singleplayer a bit boring. It is fine if you don't have a friend to join with, but CoOp is so great, and possibly the best CoOp experience of 2011. During the game you do missions, and in between the missions you can freeroam the city and release your rage. The missions are really nice put together, your choices matter, down to if one of the main characters dies or not. The dialog and writing really raise my praise for the game, while it's good it's also funny. The game doesn't take itself too serious and delivers a funny and often wierd experience, an example I could give you. Imagine a car that sucks people in from underneath, and shoots them out through a cannon. A well rounded game that offers tons of CoOp entertainment.